Land use and development in our municipality is controlled through the Brimbank Planning Scheme. The Planning Scheme is policy based and reflects the objectives identified in the Council Plan.

Review Process
The Planning and Environment Act (1987) requires us to review our planning scheme, including the MSS, regularly to ensure it is consistent with any revised Council Plan or a new strategic direction resulting from a strategic study. The last comprehensive review was completed in 2010, however minor amendments to the scheme are being made on an ongoing basis.

Amending a Planning Scheme
Brimbank City Council regularly undertakes amendments to the Brimbank Planning Scheme. Planning schemes set out policies and provisions for use, development and protection of land. The steps in the amendment process are outlined in the Planning and Environment Act (1987) and may take 12 months or more to complete.

A planning scheme amendment is a public process (with certain exceptions) that can be technical and complex and requires us to seek authorisation from the Minister for Planning to commence and prepare an amendment. Final approval from the Minister is also required.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Initiating a change to the planning scheme;
  • Assessing requests to change the planning scheme;
  • Requesting the Minister’s authorisation to prepare and exhibit an amendment;
  • Processing changes to the planning scheme; and
  • Adopting the amendment and forwarding it to the Minister for consideration and approval.

There is no right of review if we decide not to support a request for an amendment, or if the Minister refuses to authorise the preparation of an amendment, or refuses to approve an amendment submitted for approval.

The Minister for Planning can amend any planning scheme at any time without exhibition and has guidelines for these circumstances. However the Minister would usually consult with us and with affected landowners before an amendment is approved without formal notice.

Current and Gazetted Amendments
The Brimbank Planning Scheme and gazetted amendments can be viewed on the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website

For current 'in process" amendments see our Planning Scheme Amendments page.

Contact Council’s Strategic Planning Unit on 9249 4766 to obtain further information about Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendments.

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