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At its Ordinary Council Meeting on 16 December 2014, Council approved draft Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment C166 (Amendment C166) and resolved to refer it to the Victorian Government’s, Residential Zones Standing Advisory Committee for review, prior to making a decision about introducing it into the Brimbank Planning Scheme. This process includes consultation with affected property owners and occupiers.

Applying the New Zones
The zones are applied in accordance with the Brimbank Housing Strategy: ‘Home and Housed’ to provide for the Neighbourhood Residential Zone (low change), General Residential Zone (medium change) and the Residential Growth Zone (high change).

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on 11 March 2014, Council had approved Amendment C158 and referred it to the Minister for Planning for approval. This followed a six-week community consultation process in late 2013.

Changes to the Original Amendment C158

The Minister for Planning made changes the original Amendment C158 by deleting some local provisions, and has referred these to a Residential Zones Standing Advisory Committee for review.

Council will publicise the decision of the Minister by placing notices in local newspapers, updating the webpage and writing to persons who lodged a submission during the consultation period. In addition, affected residents and land owners will be notified in writing of any changes to the Amendment made by the Minster for Planning.

The New Zones
The three new residential zones that are now in effect are:

  • The Neighbourhood Residential Zone (low change) will ensure the protection of valued character and heritage areas, with no more than two homes to be built on a block and mandatory height controls.
  • The General Residential Zone (medium change) will allow unit and townhouse development similar to what already occurs in most residential areas.
  • The Residential Growth Zone (high change) will allow townhouse and apartment development in areas well serviced by public transport and close to community services.

New multi-unit development will continue to be subject to a planning permit process and residents and land owners will still be notified about planning permit applications.

The changes only apply to what was formerly the Residential 1 Zone and do not relate to commercial, mixed use or industrial zones. Transitionary provisions apply to applications made before the zones took effect.

Why the Zones Were Introduced
On 6 March 2013 the Victorian Government had introduced the new residential zones to guide the type of housing that can be built in different residential areas. All Victorian councils had until 30 June 2014 to introduce the new residential zones; otherwise the Minister for Planning would apply the new General Residential Zone to all residential land within the municipality.

If you require more information about applying for a planning permit under the new residential zones, please contact the City Planning Department on 9249 4000.


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