Our Councillors serve on several committees. This includes external and advisory committees.


External Committees

Role of Committee/Council


Australian Mayoral Aviation Committee

To ensure that all reasonable measures are taken by the relevant authorities to minimise the deleterious effect of aircraft and airport operations on local communities.

Mayor Cr Congreve
Councillor Tachos (alternate)

Ballarat Rail-Line Action Committee (BRAC)

The intent of the BRAC is to advocate for key improvements in access to public transport for the broader region. Member Councils include Brimbank City Council, Ararat Rural City Council, Ballarat City Council, Moorabool Shire Council and Pyrenees Shire Council.

Deputy Mayor Cr David JP 

Brooklyn Community Representative Group

To foster collaboration between community, industry and government, to ensure ongoing environmental management in the Brooklyn area. External group, independently facilitated with support from the EPA, and Brimbank, Hobsons Bay and Maribyrnong City Councils

Deputy Mayor Cr David JP
Cr Hedditch
Cr Truong

Calder Highway Improvement Committee

A regional local government committee whose objective is to ensure the continued upgrading of the Calder Highway.

Cr Lancashire
Deputy Mayor Cr David JP (substitute)

LeadWest Ltd. Board

Representing the councils of Brimbank, Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong, Moonee Valley, Melton and Wyndham, to support sustainable growth and regional development in Melbourne’s West.

Cr Tachos 

Mayor Cr Congreve (alternate)

Melbourne Regional Landfill Community Reference Group

External group convened by TPI Cleanaway.  Foster community understanding in the operation of landfill and compliance with licence conditions through the provision of information, monitoring data, presentations and site tours.

Develop broad understanding of Cleanaway’s current and future priorities regarding the ongoing operation of the site.

Cr Lancashire

Metropolitan Local Governments Waste Management Forum

To assist in the implementation of the State Government’s ‘Waste and Resource Recovery Policy – Getting Full Value’ and management and administration of waste disposal contracts.

Cr Lancashire

Metropolitan Transport Forum

Advocacy group for promotion of effective, efficient and equitable transport in metro Melbourne.

Cr Lancashire

Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) (State Council)

Victorian local government peak body, comprised of representatives whose role is to advocate on behalf of the industry and support its development, and represent the interests of their council by presenting its position on issues at State Council.

Mayor Cr Congreve
Cr Tachos

Western Melbourne Tourism

Representative group of western regional councils (except Maribyrnong), tourism industry and LeadWest. Role is to advocate, coordinate and promote events and industry development for tourism in the western metropolitan region.

Cr Allan


 Advisory Committee

Role of Committee/Council


Audit and Risk Committee

Advisory Committee to Council established in accordance with section 139(2) of the Local Government Act 1989 to provide oversight of internal and external audit activities. More information about the Audit and Risk Committee.

Cr Hedditch,
Cr Giudice
Cr Tachos (substitute)
(all Councillors ex-officio)

Australia Day Awards Selection Committee

Selection of Australia Day Award recipients.

Mayor Cr Congreve
(Dec 2018-Nov 2019)

Brimbank Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Reconciliation Action Plan Consultative Committee

To provide Council with advice on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) issues and the ongoing implementation of the RAP

Cr Borg (Co-Chair)
Cr Pham (Co-Chair)

Brimbank Arts Advisory Committee

To oversee the operational aspects of the Brimbank Arts Collection Policy Guidelines.

Cr Pham (Co-Chair)

Cr Allan (Co-Chair)

Cr Tachos (member)

Brimbank Community Fund Committee

To provide guidance of the administration of the Brimbank Community Fund

Cr Allan
Cr Giudice (substitute)

Brimbank Disability Advisory Committee

To oversee and guide the implementation, monitoring and review of the Brimbank Disability Action Plan, and advise Council on  a range of matters affecting people with disability, their families and carers.

Cr Borg (co-chair with a Disability Network member)
Cr Hedditch
Cr Truong

Brooklyn Industrial Precinct Strategy Committee

To provide advice and recommendations to Council on implementation of the Brooklyn Evolution Strategy in Brooklyn.

Deputy Mayor Cr David JP

Chief Executive Officer Employment Matters Committee

To provide guidance on the role of the CEO Performance and purpose of the CEO performance Review  

Mayor Cr Congreve
Cr Giudice
Cr Tachos
Cr Hedditch

Collective Action Committee

The key role of the Committee will be to establish a ‘backbone organisation’ that will support collective impact work over a 10 year period, acting as the ‘connector’ between community organisations, residents and Council. It is anticipated establishing the backbone organisation will take two years. 

Cr Papafotiou (co-chair)
Cr Borg (co-chair)
Cr Giudice

Errington Precinct Master Plan Community Reference Group: Sport and Recreation Projects

To provide a direct communication channel for gaining valuable and meaningful input and feedback from community members during implementation of sport and recreation projects of the Errington Precinct Master Plan.

Cr Papafotiou (Co-Chair)
Cr Pham (Co-Chair)
Cr Tachos

Heritage Advisory Committee

To provide a forum for Council to work with the local community to promote the retention, protection and enhancement of Brimbank's heritage

Cr Lancashire

Municipal Emergency Management Plan Committee To ensure all agencies are involved in emergency planning for the municipality.

Cr Papafotiou
Cr Giudice 

Safety Roundtable

To bring together strategic safety partners to collaborate and coordinate efforts to achieve greater community safety outcomes in Brimbank.

Cr Truong (chair)
Cr Borg

Social Justice Coalition – Strategic Implementation Group (SIG)

Brings together Council and a broad cross-section of community agencies and groups in a collaborative, strategic partnership to plan, lead and advocate on priority social justice issues in Brimbank.

Cr Tachos (Chair)
Cr Borg

St Albans Community Centre Consultative Committee

To provide advice and feedback regarding programs and activities offered through the Centre.

Cr Tachos,
Cr Pham (co-Chairs)

St Albans Town Centre Partnership Group

To establish and maintain a successful partnership with the public and private sectors to improve the vitality and commercial viability of the St Albans Town Centre through regular dialogue between Brimbank City Council, government departments and agencies, property owners, business operators, and community.

Cr Tachos

Sunshine Town Centre Partnership Group

Assist in the implementation of the Sunshine Rising Program. Assist Council realise the vision for Sunshine Town Centre.

Deputy Mayor Cr David JP

Sydenham Park Master Plan Steering Committee

To provide a direct communication channel for gaining valuable and meaningful input and feedback from community representatives and other stakeholders during the development of the new Sydenham Park Master Plan.

Mayor Cr Congreve (Chair)
Cr Lancashire
Cr Giudice
Cr Papafotiou
Cr Tachos