Pets and Emergencies

If you own animals or livestock, it’s important to prepare for their safety and welfare in the case of an emergency.

Be Prepared

  • include animals in your household emergency plan
  • properly identify your pets: use name tags, microchips, etc.
  • keep a list of emergency phone numbers on display
  • be aware that some emergency relief centres may not cater for animals, so make an alternative plan

Act Early

  • if moving animals to a safer place, do it early
  • ensure they have access to food and water
  • if staying at home, secure animals so they can't run away

Be Considerate

  • if you have to leave pets behind, leave them inside if possible
  • place pets in separate rooms with small or no windows e.g. bathroom or laundry
  • provide food and water in large heavy bowls
  • if left outside, do not tie pets up

Act Safe

Your safety, and that of your family, is very important. Don't risk human life trying to find and protect pets.

Information supplied courtesy of the Attorney General's Department, Emergency Management Australia.