Community voices wanted to tackle violence

Brimbank City Council is seeking community and stakeholder feedback on a new draft strategy to promote gender equality and prevent family violence and all forms of violence against women.

The Draft Fairness, Equality and Respect Strategy aims to focus the entire local community on the issue, including building local structures and encouraging violence prevention strategies.

“Preventing violence is not just the work of police, the three tiers of government or a social service. Every single member of each and every community in Australia has a responsibility to promote gender equality, prevent family violence and violence against women,” Mayor of Brimbank, Cr Margaret Giudice said.

“We want to hear from community members about the vision and priority areas outlined in the draft strategy. We also want to hear more about any strategies and initiatives you believe will help increase the safety of families and women in Brimbank.”

Council is also guided by the Brimbank Community Safety Strategy 2015-2019 which includes initiatives to prevent violence in public, including crime prevention against people and properties, reducing alcohol and drug use and increasing public safety, particularly at night, within community activity centres and transport precincts.

The Brimbank Children’s Plan 2015-2019 is also in operation to increase safety of children in their homes and in the community.

The Draft Fairness, Equality and Respect Strategy proposes to promote gender equality and community initiatives, such as campaigns, projects and programs, to prevent family violence and violence against women before it occurs.

Included in the draft strategy are proposed partnerships with external agencies and community leaders to introduce anti-violence actions and strategic advocacy at local, state and commonwealth levels on violence prevention initiatives and work collaboratively to provide appropriate support to victims of violence.

“Once the strategy is adopted, following community and stakeholder feedback, we will continually evaluate our progress in this area and will develop an annual Implementation Plan to address priorities identified in the strategy,” Cr Giudice said.

“Council is committed to ensuring the whole Brimbank community can go about their daily lives without fear of violence in their homes, in classrooms and in public.

“This is about Council saying let’s all work together to identify the causes of what is a social epidemic and find ways to promote gender equality and prevent family violence and all forms of violence against women,” Cr Giudice said.

Public feedback on the draft Strategy is open until 15 November 2018. Visit our Have Your Say page.


Next review date: 
17 October 2018