Hard waste is moving towards an ‘At call’ collection service

Brimbank Council is moving forward with the introduction of an ‘At call’ hard waste collection service to be implemented from the middle of next year.  This will replace the current annual kerbside hard waste collection service.

Mayor of Brimbank, Cr Margaret Giudice said it’s time to explore new ways of recovering resources and to find better ways to manage waste.

“We asked our residents how they want their waste to be managed in Brimbank, and a point that came back strongly was that they wanted an improved waste management service with a stronger focus on recycling services and programs.

“Council listened to this feedback and conducted a review of its hard waste collection service model, and also looked at what our neighbouring councils are doing in this space.

“We acknowledge that the current annual collection service is a much loved, regular and familiar service in this community.

“However, the ‘At call’ model offers an improved service delivery – so residents will get what they already have, plus more!

“Best of all, the ‘At call’ service provides a convenient and flexible option for residents to dispose of hard waste all year round, and when it suits them.

“Brimbank residents will no longer have to wait for that designated week to come around once a year to get rid of their hard waste.

“The move to an ‘At call’ hard waste collection service also provides an opportunity to reduce the number of amenity issues associated with the annual kerbside collection, including scavenging and associated illegal dumping - which comes at a significant cost to Brimbank.

“At the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 16 October, Council endorsed the decision to move forward with the ‘At call’ hard waste collection service.

“It is important, however, to note that this is contingent upon the completion of a tender process and awarding a successful service provider for the ‘At call’ service.

“We anticipate that the ‘At call’ service will be implemented mid-2019, and Council will keep the community well informed along the way.

“As a responsive, innovative Council, we’re looking at new and better ways to keep our City clean and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill in order to work towards a cleaner and greener, more sustainable Brimbank,” Cr Giudice said.

Residents will also still be able to book additional user pays hard waste collection service at any time of the year.


Next review date: 
19 October 2018