About Branch Out Brimbank

About Branch Out Brimbank

The health and biodiversity of our natural environment is essential to the wellbeing of all living things, including us. 

Trees play a big part in keeping our community healthy and not just for the obvious benefits such as oxygen creation and shade provision in the hot summer months, but for our mental wellbeing as well.

We all know how good it feels to be out and about in nature, whether it’s kicking a footy in a local park, walking through our local gardens or just strolling along the street appreciating the trees in our area.

Trees also make our area more beautiful and provide a habitat for wildlife. They are a precious legacy of the history of our area and essential for our future.

Council plays a large part in ensuring the health and wellbeing of our parks and gardens and urban street trees and is inviting you to take part.

Branch Out Brimbank is a program of tree related events and activities celebrating the trees of our area and making Brimbank a beautiful, healthy, growing community.