Safe and Inclusive Brimbank


The Safe and Inclusive Brimbank 2020-24 Strategy (PDF 853KB) aims for Brimbank to be a welcoming and diverse community where people feel safe, included and able to contribute and participate.

A community that is welcoming, connected and celebrates diversity will be a safer and more inclusive place for people to live and work.

Community safety is a shared responsibility across government, police, service providers, business and the community. Every member of the community plays a role in promoting a safe community.

The Strategy focuses on Council’s role and has a focus on three priority areas:

  • Stronger communities: Actions will focus on building a community where people feel safe, crime is reduced and residents are supported to feel included and contribute to the community.
  • Safer streets and public spaces: Actions will focus on designing and maintaining public spaces (such as parks, activity centres and streets) to make them feel safer and to reduce opportunities for crime to occur.
  • Strategic partnerships: Actions will focus on Council working in partnership with other organisations and government bodies to promote safety and social inclusion.

An internal Implementation Plan is developed annually to address the above priority areas and support the implementation of the strategy.

Our progress 

See Safe and Inclusive Brimbank Strategy Report Card 2022-23 

Last updated: 6 February 2024 - 4:00pm