19 Point Plan for COVID Response and Recovery

19 Point Plan for COVID Response and Recovery

Cover of Transforming Brimbank Strategy document - April 2021 editionTransforming Brimbank, Council’s 19 Point Action Plan for COVID Response and Recovery provides the Federal Government, State Government and key stakeholders, with a pathway to help our community mitigate the ongoing health, social and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Refreshed in April 2021, the 19 Point Action Plan recommendations include:

  1. Establishment of a Joint Government-Council COVID-19 Brimbank Taskforce
  2. A Brimbank COVID-19 Health, Wellbeing and Economic COVID-19 Package
  3. Health and Wellbeing Package
  4. Rapid Response Teams and Priority Vaccine Rollout
  5. Increased and ongoing resources, testing and communications, including bolstered CALD Community Support
  6. A Community Resilience and Fairness Response
  7. Environmental Equity Response
  8. Economic Package
  9. Sunshine Priority Precinct, Super Transport Hub and Melbourne Airport Rail
  10. Calder Freeway Upgrade
  11. Integrated Transport Strategy for Melbourne’s West
  12. St Albans Health and Wellbeing Hub (as a COVID-19 Support and Recovery Hub for Melbourne’s West)
  13. Shovel Ready Girls and Women’s Sport and Recreation Projects
  14. Shovel Ready Road and Transport Projects
  15. Shovel Ready Open Space, Cycling and Waterway Projects
  16. Brimbank COVID-19 Business Response and Recovery Taskforce
  17. Extension and expansion of Federal and State support for businesses and workers, including JobKeeper, Job Seeker, Business Support Fund, and Working for Victoria
  18. Skill, Education and Learning Pathways
  19. Reinvigorating and growing local manufacturing

Brimbank's previous 19 Point Action Plan for COVID-19 Recovery and Response was endorsed by Council in August 2020.

Brimbank has had a whole-of-Council COVID-19 Response and Recovery Strategy in place since April 2020 which has seen Council realign and provide unprecedented essential service support to the community.


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