Environmental Equity

Environmental Equity

We are calling on the State and Federal governments to support our Environmental Equity agenda:

  1. Support Brimbank’s Response Strategy to the Western Rail Plan to create a green and sustainable Sunshine Priority Precinct.
  2. Support climate change action and Brimbank’s climate emergency campaign.
  3. Provide leadership to address the waste and recycling crisis.
  4. Provide funding to remediate contaminated land in Brimbank.
  5. Complete the Upper Stony Creek Transformation Project.
  6. Support Brimbank to deliver the Urban Forest Strategy and the Biodiversity Strategy to protect and enhance parklands, creek corridors, open spaces and our biodiversity.
  7. Mitigate the impacts on the Brimbank community of a potential new runway at Melbourne Airport.
  8. Support strategic partnerships to strengthen the Transforming Brimbank — Environmental Equity agenda.
  9. Develop an Integrated Transport Strategy for the west that links the Sunshine Super Hub with the region’s Environmental Precincts.

Read our Environmental Equity agenda.



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