Jobs are central to enabling strong economic and social outcomes in Brimbank. Our plan is for Brimbank to become the capital of Melbourne’s west through investment in key strategic sites.

We are calling for the State and Federal governments to support local job creation by:

  1. Delivering a fair North West City Deal that engages local communities.
  2. Efficient Melbourne Airport Rail (MAR) stops at the Sunshine Super Hub.
  3. Supporting the implementation of Brimbank’s Response Strategy to the Western Rail Plan.
  4. Engaging Council as a formal partner of the Sunshine Super Hub Governance Structure.
  5. Establishing a Business, Jobs and Skills working group to leverage training and employment opportunities.
  6. Developing an Integrated Transport Strategy for Melbourne’s west.
  7. Fostering strategic partnerships to support the Transforming Brimbank - Jobs agenda.

Read our Jobs agenda.




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