Reduce harm from electronic gambling machines

Reduce harm from electronic gambling machines

Brimbank has had the highest gambling losses of any municipality in Victoria for the last 10 years.

A staggering $1.4 billion has been lost on electronic gambling machines (EGMs) in Brimbank in the past 10 years.

To break it down further, $382,000 is lost to EGMs in Brimbank every day.

Brimbank Council has long been lobbying for better regulation of the gaming industry and continues to partner with the Alliance for Gambling Reform to pursue wider systemic reform.

Brimbank is calling for:

  • $1 maximum bets on all EGMs
  • Reducing the maximum number of hours that gaming venues can operate per day
  • A sinking cap on the number of EGMs in Brimbank
  • Research to better understand the local impact of harmful gambling 

Pokies Play Brimbank - Sign the petition today!

Partnering with the Alliance for Gambling Reform, the Pokies Play Brimbank.campaign aims to focus community attention and energy on reforming the gaming industry, and providing new hope for people struggling across Brimbank.



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