Transport - Fast track removal of dangerous congested level crossings

Transport - Fast track removal of dangerous congested level crossings

Brimbank Council is advocating for the removal of three dangerous and congested level crossings on the Ballarat line, within Brimbank.

Brimbank Council is calling on the State Government to fast track grade separations at

  • Station Road, Deer Park; 
  • Robinsons Road, Deer Park; and
  • Fitzgerald Road, Sunshine West,

as the only way to reduce congestion and create a safer, more connected community.

These roads are heavily congested in peak periods - leading to driver frustration and erratic behaviour. This increases the risks for all road users.

Peak VLine trains are overcrowded and more train services will be required soon. This means the boom gates will be down for even longer.

Boom gates are down for so long, and so erratically that it’s not possible to plan a trip easily.

This reduces the reliability of the bus network, meaning more people choose to drive.

Current problems are:

  • Boom gates are down for 30-40 minutes per hour during morning peak time (52 percent of the core peak hour) creating a traffic choke point
  • This includes periods of up to 9 minutes where multiple trains are going through, including trains stopping at Deer Park, which means barrier gates are down for longer than necessary
  • Traffic backs up to 650 metres in peak periods causing dangerous traffic jams
  • Buses face substantial delays at the Station Street and Fitzgerald Road crossings
  • Frustrated drivers sometimes queue on the train lines while the boom gates are up and attempt to go around boom gates – at risk to their lives
  • Pedestrians sometimes rush through the crossing while the boom gates are operating

Level Crossing Congestion and Dangerous Behaviour



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