Transport - A Reliable, Quality Bus Network

Transport - A Reliable, Quality Bus Network

The population is growing rapidly in Melbourne’s west, and our roads are getting more congested.

We have to use road space more effectively so more people can travel in the west. This means more people will need to travel by a high quality bus network.

Currently bus services in Brimbank are low frequency, which makes them a less attractive option for most trips, compared to car travel.

More people will use the bus network if it is frequent, direct, reliable, fast and available all day.

Brimbank Council is calling for:

  • More frequent buses all day, every day, including a bus service at least every 10-15 minutes on the 408, 419, 420, and 425 bus routes
  • New and extended bus services to places people want to go, such as Melbourne Airport
  • Bus priority lanes on key routes so that buses can bypass congestion




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