Transforming Brimbank

Major investment coming to Brimbank will transform our city to the Capital of Melbourne’s west. We're calling on State and Federal government to drive positive change and make our city thrive.

Read about key milestones in the Transforming Brimbank Update 2021-2022

Environmental Equity

Our communities have been disproportionately affected by soil contamination, pollution and impacts on the natural environment. Brimbank is committed to Environmental Equity.


Jobs are central to enabling strong economic and social outcomes in Brimbank.


Council supports lifelong learning for our whole community, across all levels of education, through to adult education.

Transport - A Reliable, Quality Bus Network

Brimbank Council wants reliable, frequent, easy to use bus services that take people where they want to go.

Transport - Better cycling and walking connections

Brimbank Council wants new, gold-standard cycling and pedestrian paths that will encourage more people to use active transport as a safe, alternative mode of travel.

Reduce harm from electronic gaming machines

Brimbank has had the highest gambling losses of any municipality in Victoria.