About the Brimbank Community Fund

‘For Brimbank forever’

The Brimbank Community Fund (BCF) exists to support Brimbank’s most vulnerable residents through grassroots solutions.

We do this by working in partnership with local individuals, businesses and community groups to grow a perpetual source of income that can support hard working local charities.

Established in 2009, the fund has distributed $45,000 to local charities over the past four years. Our current granting priority is to fund initiatives that address issues around youth unemployment, education and wellbeing.

The fund is guided by an independent committee of voluntary local leaders supported by Brimbank City Council and the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation.

Why We Exist

Our vision - Brimbank is a fair, resilient and connected community that is not limited by the effects of inequality and disadvantage

Brimbank has a proud history and a bright future, but we know there are significant pockets of social disadvantage in our community.

Higher than average disengagement from education, unemployment, health and other social issues mean that we need to work hard to support our most vulnerable community members.[1]

As Brimbank undergoes strong population growth and increased pressure on infrastructure and services, we are working with local charities to fund local grassroots solutions.


What We Do

We bring together local residents, businesses and services to contribute to the long term resilience, equality and connectedness of our community.

We do this by growing a perpetual community fund through tax deductible donations and disperse the annual interest as grants to local charities.

Money donated to the fund stays in the fund forever and the annual interest accrued is used to support local charities working with some of Brimbank’s most vulnerable residents. The bigger the fund, the more we can distribute as grants each year.

Our Targets

Community Philanthropy is achieving global success and we believe it can have real and lasting impact on the Brimbank community for generations to come.

We've set ourselves ambitious fundraising goals and want to raise the profile of the fund through community events and encourage more local support.

Contact Us

Brimbank Community Fund C/- Brimbank City Council
301 Hampshire Rd
Sunshine 3020
Phone: 9249 4000
Email: bcf@brimbank.vic.gov.au
Web: brimbankcommunityfund.org

The Brimbank Community Fund is a sub-fund of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation and is proudly supported by Brimbank City Council.