Brimbank Community Grants - Guidelines

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a not-for-profit organisations
  • Be incorporated, or auspiced unless applying for an Establishment Grant
  • Have Public Liability Insurance cover for the duration of the project unless applying for an Establishment Grant
  • Have either an Australian Business Number (ABN) or a ‘Statement by a Supplier’
  • Have a project or event that will be held/undertaken in Brimbank (unless the benefit to the Brimbank participants is significant)
  • Have a new project/event or new stage of a project/event
  • Have acquitted or be compliant with all grants previously awarded by Council 
  • Community Grants Frequently Asked Questions

2019/20 Categories

What are the categories and how can our project contribute towards these?

The categories align with the Brimbank Community Vision 2040 Strategic Objectives:

  • People: Healthy Lifestyles, Services and Facilities, Culture and Diversity, Safety
  • Place: Getting Around, Public Spaces, Environment
  • Prosperity: Education and Employment, Local Economy, Housing

Applications that address one of these categories will be highly considered.

2019/2020 Streams 

Community Grants

  1. Community Strengthening (up to $10,000)
  2. Sport and Recreation (up to $5,000)
  3. Youth (up to $5,000)
  4. Establishment (up to $2,000)

Festival and Events Grants

  1. Professional Partnership Festivals and Events (up to $60,000)
  2. Major Festival and Events (up to $40,000)
  3. Community Festivals and Events (up to $10,000)

Seniors Grants

  1. Seniors Operational Grants (up to $600)

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