Neighbour Day

Neighbour Day is Australia’s annual celebration of community, bringing together the people next door or across the street for a BBQ, a picnic lunch or a game of street cricket.

Held on the last Sunday in March every year, it’s the perfect day for you to get to know your neighbours, reconnect after the prolonged COVID-19 lockdowns, welcome newcomers, and encourage healthy, safe and well-connected local areas.

2022 marks the 20th Anniversary of Neighbour Day with the theme "Connecting Communities for 20 years". Neighbour Day has progressed from a reminder to connect with elderly neighbours, to an annual celebration of respectful relationships and strong communities.

Neighbour Day 2022

Neighbour Day is celebrated annually on the last Sunday of March. 

Below is a map of the locations where community Neighbour Day events were held on and around 27 March 2022 with the support of grants from Brimbank Council.

Map of Neighbour Day events in Brimbank 2022

Pick an activity, time, and place

Decide how you want to celebrate Neighbour Day. It might be a meet and greet BBQ or a children’s fun day at the local park or at your group’s usual meeting place. Neighbour Day is not about large scale events, but rather smaller localised events.

Whichever way you decide to celebrate think about how much free time you have to plan and keep it manageable.

Pick a location that is communal and accessible (such as a local park or front lawn) rather than inside a home to be COVIDSafe. This will also encourage more people to join in and it'll be less intimidating for neighbours that don’t know many people. 

We encourage you to think creatively and innovatively about how to connect with your neighbours, but in case you’re stuck, here are some ideas from previous Neighbour Day activities to get started!

  • International potluck meal with neighbours - invite people to bring a dish of food from their home country and to share something about their culture.
  • Invite your neighbours for a cup of tea/coffee and some sweet treats
  • Meet and greet BBQ /picnic at your local park using onsite BBQs only.
  • Form a Neighbourhood Watch group
  • Picnic and games afternoon at a nearby park or reserve. Egg and spoon, sack or relay races are popular with families with young children
  • Clean-up, gardening, working bee, or giant garage sale to fundraise for a neighbourhood initiative
  • Start a neighbourhood library for things you are happy to lend or share with others in your street. For example: books, movies, soft toys, music, art and craft supplies etc.
  • Start a neighbourhood newsletter or create a neighbourhood Facebook page for your street
  • Organise a vegetable swap at your local neighbourhood/community centre, park or school
  • Invite neighbours to join or form a walking group.

Grants are available for Neighbour Day activities

We are supporting Brimbank residents to celebrate Neighbour Day by providing grants of up to $250 for Neighbour Day celebrations across the municipality. 

Visit Neighbour Day Grant Guidelines for information on eligibility and to apply.

Register your event

Register your event on the Neighbour Day website and help to inspire neighbours all over the country. 

Your activity may require a Reserve Booking or Event Permit

You need to apply for a reserve booking or an event permit if you’re planning:

  • A public gathering of more than 60 people on a Council reserve, footpath or road
  • A private (by invitation) gathering of more than 100 people on a Council reserve, footpath or road
  • Road closures or changed traffic and parking conditions
  • Any event that will impact on the local community through significant noise levels
  • Carnival rides and temporary infrastructure such as portable toilets, marquees and stages on Council property
  • Fireworks including firecrackers
  • Any activity/event that clearly goes beyond intended use of the public space.

Conditions apply for functions/activities/events on Council reserves. Visit Events, Private Function or Activities in a Council Park or Reserve  for information.

It’s important you call Council to discuss your idea. We will support you in applying for a reserve booking or event permit.

Share the planning workload

Involve your neighbours in the planning of your activity or event and work out what needs to be done; invitations, publicity, food, name tags, kids’ activities etc. Get children involved too, they love a party!  

Invite your neighbours and promote your event

Visit the Neighbour Day website to download posters and invitations or contact Council for hard copies.  Then add the date, time, place and your contact details.

Let people know if you would like them to bring any food or drink. Activities with alcohol will not be supported by Council.

Decide on how you would like to invite your neighbours. Knocking on the door and giving them an invitation is a nice personal touch or you could pop it in the letter box or come back later if they are not at home. If you are organising an event for your neighbourhood you might want to consider promoting your event at your local shops, schools etc.    

Creating a welcoming environment for your event

Make sure your neighbours feel included. You might want to nominate one person to have the role of introducing people and handing out name tags or you could consider some ‘ice breaker’ games. Taking photos and videos is a great way to capture your events, but have peoples’ written permission before taking any photos.

Comply with COVIDSafe settings

To keep everyone safe, ensure you review and keep up-to-date with current public health advice relating to the COVID-19 pandemic that could impact your event via

It is also good to have a backup plan in place in case State Government advice changes e.g. moving your event online or having a socially distanced activity/event.

Let us know how it went

We would love to hear how your event went. Send an email telling us “What is special about your Neighbourhood?” You can include photos, videos or a short story. Your photos/videos won’t be used publicly.

Neighbour Day Grant recipients will be provided a feedback form.

Contact us

Community Strengthening and Social Planning or 9249 4862.