Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment C188

Council at its ordinary Council meeting on 19 September 2017 resolved to split Amendment C188 in two and adopt Part 1 of the Amendment;

  • Part 1 of Amendment C188 corrects 141 zoning and overlay mapping anomalies and deletes redundant provisions within the Brimbank Planning Scheme. Part 1 is currently with the Minister awaiting approval.  
  • Part 2 of the Amendment proposes to rezone the site at 2 – 22 Sunshine Avenue, Kealba (the Site) from part Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ) and part Special Use Zone Schedule 3 (SUZ3) to Industrial 1 Zone (IN1Z).

Planning Panel Hearing

On 26 February 2018 a planning panel conducted a hearing about the unresolved submission received from the Friends of the Maribyrnong Valley for Part 2 (the Amendment).

The site, which is owned by the Barro Group, was formerly used as a basalt quarry until 1999, and now part is used as a landfill and part as a concrete batching plant and waste transfer/recycling facility.

Submissions to the Panel

The Friends of the Maribyrnong Valley and Steel Creek, Melbourne Water and the Barro Group Pty Ltd and Council made submissions to the planning panel.

The Panel concluded that the proposed application of the IN1Z is not appropriate as it would fail to strike the correct balance between the competing policies of the Planning Scheme and would not adequately manage present and future uses.

Panel Recommendations 

The Panel recommended that Council should consider developing and exhibiting a new amendment which would include the entire, or part, of the site in a tailor-made zone, such as a Special Use Zone.

The zone should manage the current and short term use of the land for industrial purposes in its river context, as well as enable the longer term use of part of the land as a golf course or some other open space purpose, and support the intended continued use of part of the land for recycling activities.

A report to Council will be provided in mid-2018 with a recommendation about the Amendment.