Brimbank Settlement Action Plan 2019-2023

Brimbank Council supports multiculturalism, community harmony, and social justice.

The Brimbank Settlement Action Plan 2019-2023 sets priorities to achieve positive outcomes for people from culturally diverse backgrounds. It focuses on:

  • Achieving culturally responsive policies, services and programs
  • Inclusive, harmonious and united communities
  • Improved economic opportunities.

The Brimbank Settlement Action Plan reflects community and service provider priorities, challenges and partnership opportunities. It aims to ensure the settlement journey of migrants and new and settling communities is sustainable, and optimises opportunities for everyone.

In 2002, Brimbank was declared a Refugee Welcome Zone (RWZ).

The RWZ is a local government area that has made a commitment to welcome refugees into the community, uphold the human rights of refugees, demonstrate compassion and enhance cultural and religious diversity in the community.

This is an initiative of the Refugee Council of Australia.