Roads and drainage information

Gutter of a stormwater drainage system in perspective on the side of an road

Drainage responsibilities

Refer to our Council and private property drainage responsibilities (232.1 KB) for more information regarding legal point of discharge and easements.

Land development

We require all roads, drainage and landscaping works in subdivisions and other land developments (as required in planning permits), to be constructed or installed in accordance with our Guidelines and specifications for the design and construction of roads and drainage works (160.7 KB).

The specification consists of three parts:

  • Our general clauses and project special clauses (setting out the intent of the specification)
  • Our requirements, and the roles & responsibilities of developers (and their representatives) and us (and our representatives)
  • Technical specification for roads and drainage works (based on Department of Transport (DoT) standard specification modified to suit our needs).

On-site detention systems

Your planning permit may require you to install an on-site detention system as part of the development.

Refer to our Engineering guidelines for the design of on-site detention systems (759.9KB) for further information.

If you are required to obtain Council's approval, complete the Property drainage and onsite detention assessment application.

Last updated: 30 November 2023 - 12:21pm