Satellite Dish - Business and Residential

Residential Zones

A planning permit is generally required to use land for, or to construct or install, or carry out works for a satellite dish.

A satellite dish is a circular dish used to send and receive radio frequency communications. The design, location installation and operation must be in accordance with the principles set out in Section 4 of the Code of Practice for Telecommunications Facilities in Victoria.


Exemptions may apply if the diameter of the dish is:

  • Less than 1.2 metres
  • Between 1.2 metres and 2.4 metres provided it is:
    • not visible from the street (other than a lane) or a public park;
    • setback from side and rear boundary 1 metre, plus 0.3 metres for every metre of height over 3.6 metres up to 6.9 metres plus 1 metre for every metre of height over 6.9 metres. (The height measurement of the satellite dish is from the highest point of the dish to ground level);
    • setback at least 3 metres from the boundary where it is opposite an existing habitable room window.

If you're unsure of the requirements for exemptions you should contact the Planning Department on 9249 4606

Properties in Heritage Overlays

If your property is located in a Heritage Overlay, a planning permit is always required regardless of the size of the dish.

Business Zones

A planning permit is not required if the relevant building and works requirements are met.

In a Business Zone a satellite dish may be greater than 1.2 metres, but not greater than 1.8 metres in diameter if:

  • The dish is located on an existing roof or structure;
  • The highest point of the dish does not exceed 4 metres above the roof to which its base is attached; and
  • Any dish on the street façade is flush mounted.

If the dish is not flush mounted and the highest point of the dish is more than 3 metres above the roof, then the dish must be set back at least 2 metres from the outermost wall of the building.

The satellite dish may be greater than 1.8 metres, but no greater than 2.4 metres in diameter if the facility is not visible from the street.

If these requirements cannot be met, you will require a permit.

Applying for a Planning Permit - Satellite Dish

The following information must be submitted with a planning application for a satellite dish:

  • Completed planning application form;
  • The prescribed application fee;
  • A recently searched (not more than 3 months old), full clear copy of Title including owner details, site dimensions, restrictions and/or covenant details/Section 173 agreement; and
  • A written submission clearly documenting the reasoning behind the locations and positioning of the dish.

All applications must be accompanied by 3 sets of plans. Plans must be drawn to a metric scale of 1:100 or 1:200.