Draft Neighbourhood Character Study 2019-20

Brimbank City Council's strategic direction for housing is to ensure the urban environment supports a growing population in designated areas while respecting neighbourhood character, where appropriate.

The State Government requires councils to address character (and design) by incorporating character and design objective into existing residential zoning schedules as part of the planning schemes. To enable this, Council has prepared the draft Neighbourhood Character Study (draft Study).

The draft Study describes the existing character of our residential areas in the Neighbourhood Residential Zone and General Residential Zone, and preferred design for the Residential Growth Zone.

The draft Study proposes objectives and standards that could apply to your land and may influence how you and your neighbours build and develop residential land in the future. This draft Study does not propose to change the current zoning of your land.

The benefits of the draft Study are that:

  1. The design objectives to be achieved for an area are made clear for both residents and developers
  2. There is greater certainty in the planning system and less ambiguity
  3. There are cues to the siting, design and scale of development in a draft neighbourhood study
  4. Guidance is provided to those developing land through provisions in the Brimbank Planning Scheme
  5. There is guidance to assist in retention or celebration of key features in a street or neighbourhood.

Consultation about the draft Study was undertaken in July and August 2019 and included community five drop in sessions. Submissions closed on 30 August 2019 with seventy submissions received.

The State Government has advised councils that it is preparing a new Neighbourhood Character Planning Practice Note (Practice Note). Practice Notes provide advice about the operation of the Victoria Planning Provisions and planning schemes as well as a range of planning processes and topics.

The draft Study will need to align with the Practice Note which is expected to be available by the end of 2019.

What happens next

The submissions and Practice Note will inform preparation of the final draft Study, with the intent it be presented to an Ordinary Council Meeting in early to mid-2020.

Submitters will be notified of Council’s decision.

Further information:

Call Council’s Strategic Planning Unit for more information on 9249 4000.