Planning Forms, Fees and Other Resources

Forms and Fees

To make it easier for you, we’ve listed here the relevant forms for various planning permit processes and information requests.

Planning Permit Application

Amending a Planning Permit

Objection to a Planning Permit Application


Planning Information and Copies of Permits/Plans


Information Sheets

Need to find out about a particular type of use, development or subdivision? Check out the information sheets.

Estate Design Guidelines

We work in consultation with estate developers to formulate Estate Design Guidelines. These guidelines establish standards regarding:

  • Streetscape, setbacks and heights
  • Building materials
  • Landscaping
  • Car parking
  • Site services
  • Other design principles.

We develop these guidelines to ensure a consistently high standard of design and amenity across developments. We want new estates to be attractive and maintain quality of life.

Individual estates in our area are listed below, including separate design guidelines for stages within the estate’s development.

Paramount Industrial Estate Design Guidelines

Proximity Industrial Estate Design Guidelines

River Valley Residential Estate Design Guidelines

Translink Business Park Design Guidelines

West Park Industrial Estate Design Guidelines