Planning Permit Process

Regular Planning Permit Process

Most applications fall under this prescribed process. Following legislation, we will make our decision based on the below steps:

Registering Your Application (City Planning Department)

Your application will be registered and allocated to a planner for review, with all associated documentation. You’ll receive an acknowledgment of your submission.

Request for Further Information (if needed)

If your documentation is incomplete or unsatisfactory, our planner will ask for more information. Our planner may also raise design issues or other concerns, or seek advice from other team members and departments.

Notification (Advertising) of the Application

Your proposal could affect neighbouring houses, businesses, or properties. If so, our planner will notify them via mail unless the proposal is exempt from notification under the Planning and Environment Act.

Neighbouring properties have a 14 day calendar period, to object to – or support – your proposal.

Assessing the Application

Our planner will consider your application according to the requirements of the Brimbank Planning Scheme, the Planning and Environment Act, and other regulations.

We will consider advice from other departments and any objections received. The planner assesses how your proposal will impact the environment, the neighbourhood, and everyday life. 

Making a Decision

We have 60 calendar days to make a decision. There are three possible outcomes:

  • Planning Permit is granted
  • Notice of Decision to issue a Planning Permit (this is only when objections are received)
  • Refusal to Grant a Planning Permit.

Read more at the Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning.

VicSmart Planning Permit Process

VicSmart is simpler and more straightforward. It covers minor applications, for example:

  • Low-cost buildings and works in residential and rural zones;
  • Moderate-cost buildings and works in commercial and industrial zones;
  • Front fences;
  • Certain signage and subdivision types; and
  • Limited reduction to parking.

VicSmart doesn’t require your application be referred to any authorities or advertised to neighbouring properties.

To be eligible for a ‘VicSmart’ application you must meet all the criteria against the type of works you want to do, as outlined within the zone and overlay requirements that applies to your land.

Submit your VicSmart Application online form and all the required documentation specified at Clauses 59.01 to 59.14 of the Brimbank Planning Scheme.

We have 10 business days to make a decision on VicSmart applications.

When does an application go to a Council Meeting?

An application may go to a Council Meeting for a decision if it receives significant community interest, or our Councillors request it. Council Meetings occur on the third Tuesday of every month.

A Planning Forum is held prior to the meeting, where the applicant and objectors are invited to speak further about the proposal. Planning Forums usually occur on the second Tuesday of every month.

What if I don’t agree with Council’s decision?

If we reject your proposal, you have 60 days following our decision to lodge an appeal with the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) for a review.

If you disagree with us approving an application, you have 21 days from our decision to lodge an appeal with VCAT for review.

You can find information about lodging an appeal on VCAT's website. There is also information on the back of the following decision documents we issue:

  • Planning Permit
  • Notice of Decision to issue a Planning Permit
  • Refusal to Grant a Planning Permit.