Development Contributions Plan Levy Calculator or Request for Levy Invoice

To get a quote for your Development Contributions Plan Levy use the DCP Calculator on this page.

Just Need a Levy invoice?

Use our online Request a Development Contributions Plan Levy Invoice Form and we'll send one right to you with details about how to pay.

DCP Calculator User Notes

  • For mix-use developments, please calculate each use separately.
  • Gross floor area: The total floor area of a building, measured from the outside of external walls or the centre of party walls, and includes all roofed areas.
  • The DCP Calculator can be used for both the Municipal and Sunshine Town Centre Development Contributions Plans.
  • Once you've got your quote request an invoice

Definition of Uses

  • Commercial refers to Office or Commercial Office uses.
  • Retail refers to Shops, and Food and Drink Premises.

For any further inquiries please contact the Development Contributions Plan (DCP) Officer on 9249 4000 or by email: