How to Apply for an Engineering Permit or Consent

Building over our easement

Any structure or works planned for construction on or over an easement requires a Building Over Easement Permit from Engineering Services.

It must be obtained before the building permit.

The Building over easement permit requires you to enter into a contract with us, with an understanding and acceptance that we can request the structure or works be removed at any time in order to access the easement.

Drainage responsibilities

Read the Council and private property drainage responsibilities document for more information on

  • legal point of discharge
  • drainage maintenance responsibilities
  • your responsibilities
  • Council responsibilities
  • easements.

Consent to build on land liable to flooding

If your property is in an area that is land liable to flooding you must obtain consent.

Go to Melbourne Water or City West Water and obtain the relevant information prior to applying for Consent to build on land liable to flooding.

Consent for working in Council road reserves

If you want to conduct any work in, on, under or over a road reserve, you may need to obtain consent from us.

Complete the Consent works within a Council road reserve application.

Works conducted must comply with any conditions placed on the consent.

Permission must be obtained from VicRoads for works relating to an arterial road.

It is the responsibility of the Works Manager to reinstate our assets or any other infrastructure as nearly as practicable to the condition existing before the works.

Failure to do so may result in us conducting repairs or maintenance work and recovering costs from the person responsible.

An application fee is required at the lodgement of the application for our consent. The applicable application fee varies depending on the location, type and extent of works proposed.

Payment can be made at any of our Customer Service Centres

Vehicle crossings

A vehicle crossing – commonly known as a crossover – provides access to your property between the property line and road edge.

You need our permission to construct, reconstruct, modify, remove or relocate a crossing to your property.

See our Vehicle Crossings page for more information.