How to Apply for a Report and Consent

When applying for our Report and Consent you must provide:

  • A completed Application for Report And Consent
  • A completed Regulation Form (see below for the number of regulations which relate to your application)
  • A current copy of a Certificate of Title, showing name of current owner(s)
  • Full copy of the plan of subdivision and any registered covenants and section 173 agreements
  • Guidelines for obtaining adjoining owners(s) comments
  • Comments from nearby property owners form 
  • Two complete sets of drawings, to be signed and dated by the adjoining property owners
  • A plan of the subject allotment, adjoining properties and the location of:
    • Habitable room windows
    • Private open space
    • Secluded private open space relevant elevations
    • Sections appropriately dimensioned
  • Details which clearly demonstrate compliance with the Objectives of the Building Regulations and Ministers Guideline

Our approval may be required for any features that have been designed outside Part 5 of the Building Regulations. 

You must complete and submit all of the Minister’s Guideline Assessment Criteria (found on this page) pertaining to your project  with your Report and Consent Application.

Minister’s Guidelines