Heritage Database

We have a variety of heritage sites in Brimbank. These include buildings, residential, commercial and industrial precincts, as well as parks, trees and objects.

This information is available on the Brimbank Heritage Database. Our Heritage Database is a searchable and has information about heritage places and precincts within our municipality. It includes:

  • Statements of significance (where prepared)
  • Physical descriptions
  • Historical information
  • Photographs
  • Heritage overlay numbers.

The Brimbank Heritage Database provides supporting information on heritage sites within the Brimbank Planning Scheme. This information should not be used to determine what planning controls affect a property. 

A planning certificate provides the legal documentation relevant to zoning and overlays that affect individual properties (including the heritage overlay).

Please read our terms and conditions of use before searching.


While all reasonable care has been taken to ensure the database information is accurate, no warranty is given that the it's free from error or omission. 

Any queries? Please contact the Strategic Planning Unit: