How to Request Building Plans and Documents

Only a property's ratepayer can request the building documents required, (unless you give another party written permission to do so on your behalf).

Fees are payable, and vary:

Residential Properties Class 1 and 10 (Dwellings, garages, etc.)/Commercial and Industrial Properties Class 2 to 9 (Factories, warehousing, etc.)

  • Download link to available documents (includes plans, permit, occupancy permit/certificate of final inspection): $220. This is a search fee only – if numerous permits exist, additional fees may apply.
  • Certificates only: $88.60

Requests to Reissue Download Link

  • Within three months of original request: $75.90
  • Longer than three months after original request: Please reapply.  Full fees will apply.

Refunds will NOT be given should requested documents not be available.