Brimbank Post-Contact Heritage Study

The Brimbank Post-Contact Heritage Study provides a history of the municipality, as well as citations on individual heritage places and precincts including a background and the reasons why we consider some places as an important part of our heritage.

The Brimbank Post-Contact Heritage Study comprises five volumes:

Other Studies

  • Brimbank Heritage Gaps Study 2014
    Review and update of heritage precinct descriptions and building citations.
    Heritage assessment of
    • Richards Dairy - 44 Hampshire Road, Sunshine; 
    • Hampshire House - 233-241 Hampshire Road, Sunshine; 
    • Sunshine Boys Hostel - 131 Durham Road, Sunshine.
  • Maxweld Street, Heritage Assessment 2014
    Heritage Assessment of 17-27 Maxweld Street, Ardeer.

Contact Council’s Strategic Planning Unit on for further information.

Use the Brimbank Heritage Database for information on individual properties and precincts.