Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment– C187 Municipal Development Contributions Plan and Municipal Development Contributions Overlay

What is happening?

At its Ordinary Council Meeting on 21 June 2016, Council resolved to prepare and exhibit Amendment C187 to the Brimbank Planning Scheme, which includes the Municipal Development Contributions Plan (DCP) and Municipal Development Contributions Plan Overlay (DCPO).

A municipal DCP ensures a fair and equitable approach to collecting contributions from new residential, retail, commercial and industrial development, toward the cost of providing new infrastructure.

The DCP specifies the type of infrastructure to be provided within a specific area, and includes other information like the project cost, delivery timeline, and cost apportionment. A DCP is implemented through the DCPO Schedule, which enables Council to impose and collect development contributions from new development.

The DCP has two (2) categories of infrastructure items:

  • Development infrastructure (DI Levy): roads, bicycle and foot paths, traffic management and control devices, and some community facilities including maternal and child health centres, and kindergartens
  • Community infrastructure (CI Levy): projects involving the construction of all other buildings or facilities used for community or social purposes. The maximum amount that can be collected is $900 per dwelling.

DCPOs are a common mechanism in the planning system to help provide for new community infrastructure and facilities.

Who does not have to pay the levy?

It is proposed that the following new development will not be required to pay the levy:

  • Land developed for a non-government school, as defined in Part 3 of the Ministerial Direction on Development Contributions Plans (25 January 2012)
  • A development for:
    • Renovations or alterations to an existing dwelling
    • Demolition of a dwelling followed by construction of a replacement dwelling on the same land. The exemption applies to a single dwelling, but not to a second or subsequent dwelling on the same land
    • Outbuildings normal to an existing dwelling and fences
    • Reinstatement of a building which has been unintentionally damaged or destroyed, provided that for a building other than a dwelling, the exemption relates only to the extent the floor area of the new building is not greater than the damaged or destroyed building.

What community consultation is occurring?

The proposed Amendment C187 was exhibited under Section 20(2), which provides for limited notification for planning scheme amendments under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and includes:

Direct notification to:

  • Owners of large vacant sites or large sites that are not fully developed
  • Professionals who frequently lodge planning permit applications with Brimbank City Council, including architects, building surveyors, developers, drafting services, land surveyors and planners
  • Owners and occupiers of strategic sites, as defined by the Brimbank Planning Scheme
  • Other stakeholders, including adjacent municipalities and peak industry bodies including the Housing Industry Association and Property Council of Victoria
  • Mandatory notices to prescribed Ministers and referral authorities
  • Notices published in the Victoria Government Gazette and local newspaper
  • Amendment documentation available for inspection at Customer Service Centres, and on Council’s website.
  • Exhibition under Section 20(2) recognises the practicality and cost of notifying all land owners and occupiers in the municipal area.

What’s next?

Council officers are considering submission received and will prepare a report to Council in due course.

How can I get more information?

Find more information in the documents:

Planning Scheme Maps 

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment to discuss any aspect of the Amendment, please contact the Coordinator Strategic Planning on 9249 4766 or by email: