Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment C200 Proposed Heritage Overlay

The Amendment proposes to implement the recommendations of the Grand Junction Estate and Mathew’s Hill Precinct Heritage Study (updated 2018) by applying the Heritage Overlay (HO151) to the Grand Junction Estate and Environs Precinct, Sunshine and the recommendations of the Half House, 108 George Street, St Albans Heritage Assessment Report (Updated 2017) by applying the Heritage Overlay (HO152) to the St Albans Half House, 108 George Street, St Albans.

The amendment also amends the Schedule to Clause 43.01 (Heritage Overlay) of the Brimbank Planning Scheme and Planning Scheme Map 12HO to apply the Heritage Overlay (HO151) to land within the Grand Junction Estate and Matthew’s Hill Precinct, the Canary Island Palms located in the Victoria and Robinson Street reserves and the street tree planting at the junction of Hill, Drayton and Matthews Streets.

You may inspect the Amendment document during office hours at the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre, 301 Hampshire Road, Sunshine, or refer to the documents on this page.

Amendment Documents

Brimbank Planning Scheme Amendment C202 – Interim Heritage Overlay (replacing Amendment C197)

Council’s request to the Minister of Planning for an interim Heritage Overlay (Amendment C202) remains outstanding.

Under the Building Act 1993, this means Council is unable to process any demolition applications in the Grand Junction estate and Environs Precinct, Sunshine, and Half House 108 George Street, St Albans.

This applies to both ‘contributory’ and ‘non-contributory’ buildings. If the interim Heritage Overlay is approved, a planning permit would be required for future demolition applications.

Council will advise affected land owners in writing once the Minister of Planning makes a decision about the interim heritage overlay.

More Information

If you require any more information about the proposed planning scheme amendments please contact the Strategic Planning Unit 9249 4000.


Next review date: 
20 December 2018