Current Special Rate and Charge Schemes

North Sunshine Industrial Area

We have successfully used special charges to fund the construction of roads, stormwater drainage, water mains and sewer mains in the North Sunshine Industrial Estate – across 508 properties. The estimated cost of these works, in 2003, was $18.1 million.

The physical works for all stages have now been completed. Stage 3 is currently on maintenance. The final cost of the works will be calculated once we resolve all contractual and land acquisition matters. 

Marketing and Business Development Special Rates

We work proactively to support the establishment of representative Business Associations in Town Centres to drive local leadership and business growth and development.

Two special rate schemes have been established to fund marketing and business development programs in St Albans and Sunshine town centres.

The programs provide secure funds which Council collects and provides to the Business Associations to employ a marketing coordinator and deliver ongoing marketing and business development programs. 

We also provide additional business planning support and overall program administration.

Visit our Special Rate Charge Schemes for Marketing Promotion and Business Development in Town Centres page for more information on how we work with Business Associations to progress marketing and business development.

St Albans Marketing and Business Development Special Rate

The St Albans Marketing and Business Development Special Rate commenced on 1 January 2014 and ends 31 December 2018. The Rate initially collected $112,935, however increases at a rate of 2% per annum.

The St Albans Business Association Group (SABAG) has recently approached Council to renew the Special Rate for a five and a half year period from 1 January 2019 to 30 June 2014. Council is scheduled to be considering this request at its Ordinary 2018 May meeting

Presently,  has entered into a funding agreement with the St Albans Business Association Group (SABAG) which establishes the condition of expenditure including that a Business Plan and a Marketing Plan is submitted each year outlining how the funds will be spent.

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