Brimbank Business Training Panel

We've taken a fresh approach to small business training and established the Brimbank Business Training Panel.

Expert consultants from Acculture, EmpowerBeyond, Innoviant Coaching, Lateral Insights, Putney Breeze and PWR Consulting will deliver training to hone crucial skills for building, sustaining, and growing strong businesses. Training focuses on

  • business planning
  • marketing
  • mindfulness
  • recruitment
  • time management
  • networking
  • team building
  • creative leadership and more.

The new programs will commence in July with day and evening sessions at the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre.


Meet the Consultants

Androulla Sakkas, EmpowerBeyond

Androulla has over 20 years’ experience working with businesses to give them the financial confidence that results from incorporating practical business solutions.

‘Androulla’s uniqueness is in her ability to understand what it is that you want and she works closely with you to attain it at a much faster rate than you would have by doing it alone' – Mark.

Minimising Stress Associated with Running a Business


Lisa Gugleilmino, Innoviant Coaching

Lisa is a passionate communication trainer and performance coach with over 20 years’ experience in the wellness and fitness industries, including leading teams and individuals in business.

‘After a session with Lisa we now have a very clear direction and the tools to improve all our old systems beyond our expectations' – Samantha, Health.

How to Avoid Staffing Sabotage – Be a Creative Leader

The Female Advantage for Better Business


Adrian Jobson, Acculture

Adrian is a brand and culture professional who partners with business leaders, owners and professionals interested in taking their brands and businesses to the next level.

‘Adrian has a unique capacity to distil the complex into simple, together with a framework that immediately resonates with the DNA of an enterprise' – Debra.

Getting Your Brand to Work for You


Liz Blake, Lateral Insights

Liz delivers her breakthrough coaching success by drawing on a long track record of senior leadership in sales, business development and developing award winning teams.

‘Liz is so knowledgeable and has the charisma to inspire people. She really seemed to resonate with all the attendees' – Josie, Administration.

Developing Your Sales Strategy


Rhiannon Pilton, Director – PWR

Rhiannon is all about human resources and has over 15 years’ experience contributing to her understanding of the mechanics of small to medium size businesses.

‘PWR Consulting actually listen and understand our business and its culture. Their work for us has been handled with exceptional professionalism and the care you would expect from an employee not consultants. We will be lifelong clients for this very reason' – Sally, Construction.

Getting the Best out of your Staff

Championing Change


Chris Catto, Putney Breeze

Chris has worked in various senior financial and management roles for world class, industry leading organisations with experience spanning product development, strategic planning and performance management in both international companies as well as SMEs.

‘Chris, thanks for all of your insights and the time you provided yesterday. The content you covered was amazing' – John, Accountant.

Planning for Growth