Health, Beauty, and Body Modification Premises

All hairdressing, tattooing, skin penetration, beauty therapy and colonic irrigation premises must register with us prior to operation. These businesses must comply with the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and associated regulations.

For more information, download a copy of the Health Guidelines for Personal Care and Body Art Industries (PDF) from the Department of Human Services.

Register your Business

Your business registration always applies to the period of 1 January to 31 December, even if you apply late in the year. Registration must be renewed annually prior to 31 December each year. Your renewal payment is required before the new registration period commences. Penalty fees may apply if you do not pay by the due date.

Pay your registration/renewal

Initial Application

Ensure that you've discussed your proposal with our Planning and Building Departments before you lodge your application with the Environmental Health Department.

Two copies of your premises’ floor plans must be submitted with your application, and assessed by an Environmental Health team member before you start work on the premises.

Plans must show all relevant details including dimensions, and details of fixtures and fittings. Once you have received a letter of assessment, work may commence. However, we advise progress inspections take place during the works phase.

Final Inspection

After we carry out a satisfactory final inspection, you will be issued with a Certificate of Registration under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008. Then you can start trading.

Once your premises are registered, we will inspect the business at least once a year, depending on circumstances.

Buying an Existing Business

Purchasing an existing business? First, you must transfer the business’ current Public Health and Wellbeing Act Registration.

To organise an inspection of the premises before purchasing, please call our Environmental Health team on 9249 4000 during business hours.

Mobile Hairdressers/Beauty Therapists/Tattooists

Mobile hairdressers and beauty therapists? You still need to register your principal place of business (for example, your home) with us, or another council if that place is located in another municipality.

Mobile tattooing, piercing and/or other forms of skin penetration businesses are not permitted to operate under the Act.

Home Hairdressers/Beauty Therapists/Tattooists

If you plan to operate one of these businesses from your home, you must contact our Environmental Health team to discuss the requirements for registration or notification. You can reach us on 9249 4000 during business hours.

It's likely you'll need to book an inspection of your premises with one of our Environmental Health team members to ensure all requirements have been met. This inspection must be take place before the business starts trading.

For more information, please contact the Environmental Health Department on 9249 4000, during business hours.