Accommodation Premises

Thinking of opening, buying, or selling an accommodation business? You will need to register with us. This includes bed and breakfasts, motels or boarding houses.

Once you have obtained all necessary permits (from our building, planning and environmental health departments) you can submit your application for registration under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008. Your application must include:

Prescribed Accommodation 

Prescribed Accommodation is an accommodation business that can be a bed and breakfast establishment, motel, or boarding/rooming house. These businesses must be registered with the Environmental Health Department.

All enquiries, including setting up or buying a "Prescribed Accommodation/Rooming House" business should be referred to our Environmental Health team for an investigation.

We check whether the premises are registered with us as operating Prescribed Accommodation. Then our team advises applicants of any other requirements (i.e. Planning and/or Building) prior to registration being completed.

Our Environmental Health Department is responsible for (and/or coordinates with City Planning and Building) inspections of premises. This department also provides of information to the public and business operators relating to prescribed accommodation.

For referrals to our Environmental Health Department, please contact Customer Service on 9249 4000.