Capital Works Highlights 2019/20

Playgrounds, Parks and Gardens 


  • Davitt Drive Park, Deer Park – The community of Deer Park now have full use of a new playground with picnic shelter, BBQ and drinking fountain. A new playground to the value of $450,000 has been installed, with better access to the Kororoit Creek shared use walking and cycling trail, and more space for picnics. 

  • Green Gully Reserve, Keilor Downs – The playground upgrade costing $800,000 includes a landmark tower with two slides, swing set, balancing and climbing posts, nature play areas, picnic area, native bird sculptures, fitness station, new toilets, canopy trees and low cover garden beds. A full basketball court/half netball court is coming in the next month. 

  • Fosters Road and Victory Street, Keilor Park – Road improvements and Local Centre upgrades are completed at cost of approx. $1.7 million.  This included streetscape works at the Fosters Road shopping precinct and new raingardens along Victory Street to improve the water quality of stormwater from the road, before it runs off into drains and waterway

  • Kurung Drive Reserve, Kings Park – The $400,000 upgrade was opened in March and includes a new play zone, basketball and netball courts, picnic, shelter and BBQ facilities and extensive tree planting. 

  • Park upgrades  ($100,000 each) – These were completed at Eurora/Koroit Place Reserve, Taylors Lakes, Ashton Avenue Reserve, St Albans and O’Connors Paddock, Cairnlea. The upgrades included new playground areas, picnic shelter and extensive tree planting at each site.
  • The Lakes Reserve Flagship Park, Taylors Lakes – The public now have access to the entire park and all of its facilities, including the new playground, shelters and BBQ areas, new lawn area, new pathway network, fitness equipment, Parkour Ninja Warrior equipment, Hot Shots Tennis Court, Basketball Key, Ping Pong Table and Shared User Path. Council funded $2.13 million for these works through its 2018/2019 Capital Works Budget and allocated an additional $960,000 for this project in 2019/2020.

In Construction

  • Dalton Street Reserve Stage 2 Suburban Park Upgrade, Sunshine West - Works have commenced at Dalton Street Reserve, including the construction of a circuit path, half basketball court, fitness area, nature based play area, art work installation, additional seating and planting. Works are scheduled for completion in mid-2020, and these additional facilities are being funded through $200,000 from the State Government’s Community Support Fund. These Stage 2 works are expanding on Stage 1 works which were completed by Council in 2014.

  • MB Lynch Memorial Gardens:  A new design retains key historical features while acknowledging the needs of current users. Works will include pathways, two new shelters, seating, feature lighting, shade trees, lawn areas, irrigation system, interpretive signage and new garden beds. Construction is expected to be completed by mid-2020. The Stage 3 works and upgrades to the gardens form part of Council’s Hampshire Road Master Plan.

Planning phase

  • Roseleigh Reserve Suburban Park - Works to upgrade Roseleigh Reserve Suburban Park in Sydenham are scheduled to start in March. Existing play equipment will be replaced with a tower with slides, swing set, rotating play equipment and a see-saw. Designed around a medieval theme, the play area will be extended with sculptures, including a dragon, and a hedge maze. The upgrade will also include additional seats, a drinking fountain and walkways, along with sheoak forest planting. Works are scheduled to be completed by mid-2020. 



  • Albion Station Western Access Improvements - Works adjacent to Albion Station to improve access and safety to the station have been completed. These works include a raised pedestrian crossing with flashing lights, new roundabout and road and footpath upgrades. New tree planting and landscaping will be undertaken in autumn 2020 to complete the project.

  • Taylors Creek between Rowell Place to the back of Hart Place – A new 500m section of concrete trail has been constructed along this section allowing Taylors Lakes to connect to the existing Taylors Creek Shared Path.

  • Kororoit Creek Shared User Path, Albion – The $150,000 upgrade provides a safer and easier shared user path for cyclists and pedestrians, following Kororoit Creek. 

  • Overnewton Gatehouse Hall, Keilor – The $120,000 car park upgrade includes new concrete pavement footpath works and new drainage. 

  • Victoria Crescent, St Albans – Council completed streetscape upgrades including footpath replacement and upgrade, street furniture and soft landscaping at a cost of $120,000.

  • West Esplanade, St Albans – The $100,000 pedestrian improvements include a shared user path extension from the  northern end of the rail parking area to opposite St Albans Primary School (Ruth Street pedestrian overpass)

In Construction

  • Alfrieda Street Plaza Upgrade – Work on the new $1.67 million Alfrieda Street Plaza is expected to commence in early 2020 and will provide a multi-use civic space in the centre of St Albans. Including a bigger cultural events space, new road pavement, feature paving, tree planting, seating, lighting, and new pedestrian crossing.

Planning phase

  • MB Lynch Memorial Gardens, Sunshine – Construction is due to start in early 2020. Upgrades will include new pathways, seating and more trees and garden bed, at a cost of $800,000.

  • Streetscape improvement – Council is in the detailed design stage to deliver a new pedestrian crossing on Devonshire Road and improvements to Clarke Street. The project is scheduled for tender by the end of year and construction is anticipated to start early 2020.

Sports Facilities


  • J.R. Parsons Reserve in Sunshine – Two additional female friendly modular change rooms onsite to cater for the use of two ovals and increased female participation. These were installed at a cost of more than $211,000. 

  • Keilor Lodge Reserve in Taylors Lakes – A $472,000 upgrade to four female-friendly change rooms has been completed.

  • Delahey Skate Space, Delahey – The $300,000 skate space is now open at Delahey Recreation Reserve.

  • Lionheart Reserve, Taylors Lakes – Female-Friendly Change Room upgrade to reconfigure and upgrade two change rooms, to provide accessible and unisex spaces for all. The $339,450 project is due to be completed mid-2019. 

  • Sportsground lighting projects – Lighting is being upgraded at six sports grounds to competition standard 100 LUX with LED. The sites are Ainsworth Reserve, Sunshine; Ralph Reserve, Sunshine West; Ardeer Reserve, Ardeer; Larissa Reserve, St Albans; Keilor Lodge Reserve, Taylors Lakes; and Churchill Reserve, St Albans. The upgrades will be completed by the end of 2019. 

In Construction

  • Errington Reserve, St Albans – $4.3 million sports and community pavilion and new tennis courts valued at $1.9 million replacing the existing pavilion. The old structures have been demolished and foundation works for the pavilion and in ground services and for the tennis court are complete.

  • John McLeod Reserve, Deer Park – Female-Friendly Change Room upgrade to reconfigure and upgrade two change rooms and two umpire’s rooms, to provide accessible and unisex spaces for all. The $371,405 project is due to be completed mid-2019

    Planning Phase

    • New Sports Pavilions – Three new sports pavilions will be built at More Park, Delahey Reserve and Bon Thomas Reserve. These pavilions will include a social space, kitchen, toilets, change rooms, first aid rooms and storage. All three projects are currently in detailed design. Construction is expected to start mid-2020.

    • Dempster Park Tennis, Sunshine North – Upgrade works will include resurfacing tennis courts 1 and 2 with synthetic grass and extending the courts to provide a walkway between courts

    • Keilor Park Tennis – Upgrade works will include converting tennis courts 1 and 2 to synthetic grass courts with new LED lighting and fencing. Works are expected to start soon.

    • Kevin Flint Reserve, Cairnlea – A $242,000 sports ground lighting upgrade to 100 LED lighting on pitch 1 and pitch 2 is expected to start soon.

    Traffic Management 


    • Hampshire Road upgrade – Latest upgrades include new traffic signals at the intersection of Hampshire and Foundry roads, new footpaths, street lighting, soft landscaping and the installation of raised pedestrian crossings. On-road separated bike lanes have also been added.

    In Construction

    • Hampshire Road upgrade – Work has started on a new $5.85 million project to create a beautiful civic green on Hampshire Road between Devonshire Road and Bennett Place, as Council continues to transform the heart of Sunshine. The Stage 3 works will feature trees, lawns, and
      create more space for community events and footpath trading on Hampshire Road. Detours will be in place and the community is asked to look out for and follow the detour signs. Works are expected to be completed in the last quarter of 2020.

    • Alfrieda Street Plaza Upgrade – The proposed Plaza is located around the old bus interchange (relocated as part of the new St Albans Station) and will include new road pavement, feature paving to footpath, tree planting and soft landscaping, public seating, signage, public lighting, raised crossing and traffic signal modification.Temporary road closures will be in place during construction. Drivers and pedestrians are urged to look out for and follow detour signs. Access to shops, businesses and residences will be maintained throughout construction. Works are expected to be completed by mid-2020.

    Community Infrastructure


    • Alexandra Avenue Children’s Centre, Sunshine – Two new kindergarten rooms with space to accommodate 66 children added at a cost of $1.49 million. The upgrades include a new playground valued at $160,000. The centre provides access to long day care, Maternal and Child Health services, allied health services for early years, and family services.