Working for Victoria

Unemployed Brimbank residents can apply for jobs with Brimbank City Council through the Victorian Government’s Working for Victoria program.

Under Working for Victoria, Council will provide jobs for approximately 150 unemployed people – whether they have lost their jobs due to the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) or have been without work for a longer period of time.

Jobs are advertised through the Working for Victoria online platform.

Working for Victoria matches people that have lost their jobs with employers who need additional staff.

Council will offer roles on six-month terms in the following jobs/for projects that include:

  • Increased engagement and support for our vulnerable residents and community cohorts
  • City Cleaning Blitz teams to maintain community cleanliness and appearance
  • Improving local amenity, parks, open space and waterways
  • Bolstering Environmental initiatives – increasing tree canopy, mulching and pruning
  • Assisting local business with resources to support and grow their online presence
  • Assisting the arts & music community via the painting of murals, online music tutorials
  • ICT and technology roles to support Council and community innovation outcomes; including assets, data, process, integration  analysts; automation and ICT specialists

Please note: the jobs will be advertised in phases in line with Victorian Government COVID19 restrictions in place at any time which may limit some Council activities.


  • Working for Victoria connects workers with new job opportunities and access to online training.   To apply for roles, register at
  • Jobseekers are eligible to participate in Working for Victoria if they have Australian working rights.
  • Jobseekers may need to update their skills to be able to work in an area that is now hiring or likely to be in the future. To assist with this, Working for Victoria is facilitating online training to help jobseekers get the skills they need.


To find out more about the Working for Victoria fund and to register your interest in applying for one of the jobs at Brimbank City Council visit