Community Grants - Categories and Streams

Community Grants 2016/2017 - Categories

We have identified the following four categories as important to our community. Applications for grants that focus on these categories will be strong contenders.


  • Provide opportunities for community members to enhance their leadership capabilities
  • Recognise and celebrate leadership in the community, for example:
    • Youth and volunteer coaching and mentoring
    • Volunteering opportunities.

Expected immediate outcomes could include but are not limited to the following:

  • Percentage (or number) of community members who have:
    • Gained knowledge and skills in leadership
    • Increased knowledge to assist them in making informed decisions
    • Increased capacity to participate and contribute to their own communities.

Family Violence Prevention and Gender Equity

  • Create and promote opportunities for community members to actively engage in community life
  • Provide support services for the community, especially the vulnerable and disadvantaged, for example:
    • Encourage men and boys in preventing men's violence against women
    • Female participation in sports programs
    • Human Rights programs
    • Prevention of violence against women initiatives
    • International Women’s Day celebrations.

Expected immediate outcomes could include but are not limited to the following:

  • Percentage (or number) of people who have increased knowledge and skills in women's rights.
  • Percentage (or number) of men who have:
    • Gained knowledge and understanding of the roles of men in preventing violence against women
    • Changes behaviours e.g. reduced harmful behaviours, increased positive behaviours toward women
    • Increased number of female participation in sports programs
    • Increased participation of female members in groups or community activities.

Lifelong Learning

  • Deliver a range of learning and educational programs for people of all ages, backgrounds and interests
  • Provide learning opportunities that support work and career aspirations
  • Encourage engagement in learning and employment programs, for example:
    • Literacy programs
    • Dress to Impress workshops 
    • Intergenerational initiatives.

Expected immediate outcomes could include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Percentage (or number) of community members who:
    • Gained knowledge and understanding of learning tools
    • Extent to which the target groups are able to manage uncertainty, e.g. financial hardships, family circumstances
    • Enhanced capacity for target groups to communicate across and within cultures
    • Increased ability to solve conflicts or problems.

Healthy and Connected Communities

  • Promote pride in our history and identity
  • Promote healthy living
  • Increase participation in community life, for example:
    • Health and wellness programs
    • Community and cultural celebrations
    • Oral history projects.

Expected immediate outcomes could include but are not limited to the following:

  • Increased inclusivity of projects or events
  • Increased community interactions
  • Sustained social networks among target groups
  • Increased understanding of community safety
  • Increased sense of belonging.


Community Grants 2016/17 – Streams

We offer grants in five streams. An application must focus on one category. However, the main project approach and strategy will determine the stream into which it will fall.

Community Strengthening Grants (up to $10,000)

For projects and activities that strengthen community capacity, promote leadership, encourage partnerships and involvement in community life and develop a stronger sense of belonging in the community.

This includes health and wellbeing projects that involve participants in developing activities that improve and encourage healthy and active lifestyles.

  • Examples: Information days, community forums and exhibitions focussing on community issues and priorities, community safety projects,  health and wellbeing activities, skills training for members and/or volunteers.

Establishment Grants (up to $2,000)

With the exception of Seniors Groups who are eligible to apply for Seniors Grants in the Community Care Department.

For new community groups that are permanently based in Brimbank in their first two years of operation. Applicants can be unincorporated at the time of application but must provide evidence of incorporation and public liability insurance in their final grants acquittal report.

  •  Examples: Incorporation and insurance costs; stationery, materials and equipment to support set-up, promotion and recruitment of new members; costs for regular meeting venues. 

Festival and Event Support Grants (up to $10,000)

For community groups to deliver significant festivals and events, demonstrating significant economic and tourist benefits.

  • Examples: Australia Day, Brimbank Literacy Festival, NAIDOC Week, Reconciliation Week, Cultural Diversity Week, Youth Week, Refugee Week and International Women's Day.

Sport and Recreation Grants (up to $5,000)

For the promotion and development of inclusion activities including sport, recreation and healthy lifestyles. Projects that demonstrate sustainability through the development of partnerships between sport/recreation clubs, community groups and organisations will be highly considered.

  • Examples: Activities that encourage participation by newly arrived communities, developing junior members in sporting and recreation activities, coaching and mentoring of junior leaders.

Youth Grants (up to $5,000)

Projects or activities that encourages young people to actively participate in their community. Projects specifically addressing youth unemployment, education and career pathways for young people from new and emerging communities will be highly prioritised.

  • Examples: Youth mentoring, leadership based skills training for youth, youth led and initiated activities, e.g. forums, performances, expos.

Further Information

Please call the Grants Hotline on 9249 4036 or email

Brimbank Language Link Phone: 03 9209 0140