Community Grants Frequently Asked Questions

How can we apply?

Apply on-line via SmartyGrants. You'll need an email account to apply.

Make sure you get an automated email from SmartyGrants acknowledging your application. 

If you have trouble applying, call us on 03 9249 4030.

Can individuals apply?

No. Only not-for-profit community groups or organisations that meet the Grants Eligibility Criteria can apply.  

What happens if my organisation is not incorporated?

You need to be auspiced or sponsored by an incorporated organisation to apply. An auspice organisation has to be a not-for-profit, incorporated and have a current Public Liability Insurance cover.

An auspice or sponsor organisation

  • needs to enter into an agreement with Council. They'll be given the grant money on your behalf; and
  • is responsible for ensuring the project gets completed on time and the funding is used according to the funding agreement.

If your group is in need of support for set up costs you may be able to apply under the Establishment Grants Stream. Your group needs to be newly established, not be incorporated and have no Public Liability Insurance cover.

Do I need an Australian Business Number (ABN)?

Yes. Check your ABN on the Australian Business Register.

If your group doesn't have an ABN, complete a Statement by a Supplier Form and include it with your application. This provides you with a reason for not quoting an ABN to Council.

If you don't provide either an ABN or a Statement of Supplier form, we may need to withhold the top marginal tax rate (48.5%) of your grant payment.

How does GST affect my grants?

The Australian Tax Office considers Grants taxable income. GST only applies to your grant if your organisation is registered for GST with the ATO. In this case Council adds 10% for the GST to the grant. It's illegal to claim GST if you're not registered.

Is Public Liability Insurance required?

Your group is required to have current Public Liability Insurance cover for the duration of your project if successful, unless you are applying for an Establishment Grant.

Contact Local Community Insurance if you don't have Public Liability Insurance. They offer affordable public liability for not-for-profit community groups. Call 1300 853 800 for further information.

Is there any help to write an application?

Yes. Attend an Information Sessions or Grants Writing Workshop. The Grants Writing Workshops help new applicants develop project ideas and write proposals.

How can I find out if my project idea is eligible?

Discuss your idea with a Contact Officer prior to applying. Contact Officers help identify

  • areas which need more supporting evidence or explanation;
  • activities to consider incorporating into the project; or
  • potential project partners.

Contact Officers do not have a decision-making role in relation to the grant.

How do I know if my application has been received?

  • Online: You'll get an email confirming your application has been submitted together with your application details. 
  • Hand-written: Call the Community Grants Hotline on 03 9249 4030 for confirmation your application has been received by the due date.

How much money will I get?

The amount depends on the stream in which you're applying, the total number of applications received, and the level of competition.

When do I find out if my application has been successful?

You'll be advised in writing in September/October 2017. Information about successful applications will be posted on our Grants webpage.

For feedback on unsuccessful applications we encourage you to contact the Community Grants Hotline on 03 9249 4030. 

If you have any concerns about the grant process, contact the Community Grants Development Officer. 

All decisions regarding successful and unsuccessful applications are final.

When can I expect to receive the money if I'm successful?

Grants distributions commence upon

  1. receipt of signed Funding Agreements from successful community groups; and
  2. funding conditions being met.

What can I spend my grants funds on?

Grant funds must be used as specified in your budget plan and according to funding conditions.

How many applications can I make?

Only one application is allocated per project or event. A group can submit up to two applications provided that:

  • projects are different; and
  • applications are in different streams.

Further Information

Please call the Community Grants Hotline on 9249 4030 or email

Brimbank Language Link: 03 9209 0140