Community Grants - Guidelines

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a not-for-profit organisations
  • Be incorporated, or auspiced unless applying for an Establishment Grant
  • Have Public Liability Insurance cover for the duration of the project unless applying for an Establishment Grant
  • Have either an Australian Business Number (ABN) or a ‘Statement by a Supplier’
  • Have a project or event that will be held/undertaken in Brimbank (unless the benefit to the Brimbank participants is significant)
  • Have a new project/event or new stage of a project/event
  • Have acquitted or be compliant with all grants previously awarded by Council 

Please note

  1. Only one application is allocated per project or event.
  2. A group can submit up to two applications provided the:
    - Projects are different
    - Applications are in different grant streams
  3. Council may consider funding the same project or event if there is at least a 3 year gap since the previous funding was granted

Brimbank Community Grants 2017/18 Categories

What are the categories and how can our project contribute towards these?

The following categories apply for the 2017/2018 Brimbank Community Grants Program:

  • An Inclusive Community: Healthy, equitable and connected communities
  • A Liveable Community: Our community living sustainably
  • A Prosperous Community: Lifelong Learning; Destination Brimbank – a leading destination for business, working, learning, recreation and living

Applications that address one of these categories will be highly considered. See our Categories and Streams page for further details.

What won't be funded?

The Brimbank Community Grants Program will not fund:

  • Applications by individuals or commercial entities
  • Incomplete applications
  • Project expenditures that relate to projects that have already been delivered
  • Staff salaries and on-going people costs
  • Interstate or overseas travel costs
  • On-going operational, capital works or facilities maintenance costs, including traffic management costs
  • Purchase of equipment that have ongoing maintenance costs
  • Projects/events that are considered to be the core funding responsibility of State or Federal Government departments, services or programs, or other funding bodies
  • Core activities or operations of religious, political or educational organisations
  • Competitions, prizes, profit making, or fundraising activities
  • Projects/events that are a duplication of existing community activities and programs
  • Projects/events that were funded under the previous Brimbank Community Grants Programs (Council may consider funding the same project or event if there is at least a 3 year gap since the previous funding was granted)
  • Applicants who have not acquitted or have failed to comply with all grants previously awarded by Council. 

How will our application be assessed?

Applications are considered in accordance with the following Assessment Criteria:

  • Meet all the eligibility criteria
  • Contribute to the Brimbank Community Plan 2009-2030
  • Show strong evidence of the need for the activity, project or event
  • Show clearly defined project goals, planning, budget, timeline and outcomes
  • Show administration costs that do not exceed 20% of the total Grants budget requested from Council
  • Show expertise or facilitation costs that do not exceed 35% of the total Grants budget requested from Council (exceptional circumstances may be considered)
  • Clearly identify in-kind, cash or a voluntary contribution in the budget
  • Actively engage community members in all stages of the activity, project or event
  • Show support, cooperation and partnership of more than one group
  • Show evidence the applicant can deliver the activity, project or event
  • Directly benefit and strengthen the Brimbank community
  • Show evidence the activity, project or event is accessible for and inclusive of people of all abilities and backgrounds
  • Show a high level of initiative, innovation and sustainability

Assessment Process

The first assessment will be conducted by the Community Grants team to make sure applicants are eligible. Only applications that meet the eligibility criteria will continue to the next assessment stages.

All eligible applications are then assessed by Council Officers with specialist knowledge across a range of Council units. Once this assessment has been completed, these applications are then forwarded to the Grants Assessment Panel.

The Grants Assessment Panel is made up of Council Officers approved by the Director Community Wellbeing. The Panel will further assess the applications and determine the allocation of Community Grants which will be presented for noting at a Council meeting.

Applications may be moved to another stream before notifying applicants.

All decisions regarding successful and unsuccessful applications are final.

Requirements and Reporting

  • Successful groups need to sign a Funding Agreement with Council. This must be returned to Council by the due date. Please note if Council has not received the signed funding agreement by the due date, the grant will be forfeited and offered to another project.
  • Successful applicants receiving Establishment Grants must show evidence of current Incorporation and current Public Liability Insurance in their final Grants Acquittal Report. They must also attend a Governance training session, provided free of charge by Council.
  • Any change to a successful project must be discussed with the Grants Development Officer. A Project variation request form may be provided and needs to be submitted to a representative of the Grants Assessment Panel for approval.
  • The Grant recipient is required to provide information on the progress of the grant around mid-April 2018.
  • At the end of the funding period (31 October 2018), the Grant recipient needs to submit an Acquittal Report to account for the funding provided.
  • Applicants need to complete the previously funded project or event before applying for another grant.

How do we know if we have been successful?

  • Applicants who do not meet Eligibility Criteria will be notified in August 2017.
  • All applicants will be advised in writing of the outcome of their funding applications in September 2017. Information about successful applications will be posted on Council’s website in October 2017.
  • Unsuccessful applicants seeking feedback on their applications are encouraged to contact the Community Grants Hotline on 9249 4030 after receiving notification. Applicants with any concerns regarding any aspect of the grant process should contact the Community Grants Development Officer as the first step. 

Further Information

Please call the Grants Hotline on 9249 4030 or email

Brimbank Language Link: 03 9209 0140