Brimbank Social Justice Coalition

The Brimbank Social Justice Coalition brings together the views, energy and resources of local agencies, community groups and our residents. Members are committed to the social justice principles of access, equity, participation and human rights.

The Coalition recognises that many of our residents may face difficulties, especially when disadvantaged by high levels of poverty and a lack of access to opportunities, services and support.

Strategic Implementation Group

The Social Justice Coalition Strategic Implementation Group has been established to support the implementation of the Brimbank Social Justice Charter. It is a multi-agency partnership which aims to inform joint advocacy, planning and coordination in relation to priority social justice issues in Brimbank. Chaired by a Brimbank City Councillor, the Group comprises senior representatives from local agencies, service providers, Victorian Government and Council. Membership is representative of agencies and organisations that are working or advocating for improved social justice outcomes for the Brimbank community.