Brimbank Social Justice Coalition

We're committed to social justice, and we support the work of the Brimbank Social Justice Coalition.

This Coalition brings together the views, energy and resources of local agencies, community groups and our residents; all committed to principles of access, equity, community participation and human rights to plan, lead and advocate in partnership with the local community.

The Coalition recognises that many of our residents may face difficulties, especially when disadvantaged by high levels of poverty and a lack of access to opportunities, services and support.

Our particular areas of focus, in our Social Justice Coalition, are:

  • Access to public transport
  • Levels of affordable and accessible housing
  • Opportunities for industry, employment and education.

Brimbank City Council endorses a "Statement of Respect"

Our Justice Coalition Strategic Implementation Group is proud of our "Statement of Respect" – as endorsed by us at a council meeting in November, 2014.

Statement of Respect

Brimbank City Council is proud of its commitment to the Social Justice principles of equity, access, human rights and community participation regardless of gender, sexuality, religion, age, race, disability and socio-economic circumstances.

Brimbank City Council re-states its support for people of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds, regardless of their dress and appearance, as part of the community. Everyone in Brimbank has the right to participate in our community, free from the fear of racist and prejudiced attitudes and actions.