Brimbank Learning Futures


Brimbank Learning Futures spaces are temporarily closed in line with the Victorian Government’s restrictions. 

You can still call or email for information and assistance. 

Brimbank Learning Futures

Brimbank Learning Futures (BLF) is a place where young people and others in the community can get help with questions about training, education and employment. When you come to us, we'll answer your questions right away or contact local services for you.

Drop in 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and speak to one of our staff members about your training, education and employment needs.

We have a variety of spaces available for hire at low rates for the community. Our spaces are great for meetings, training sessions, social groups or small events.

We have:

  • a multi-purpose seminar room/auditorium
  • formal and informal learning spaces 
  • an IT suite with 8 computers; and
  • a flexible open learning space.

To enquire about any of our programs please call 9249 4116 or email

To make a room booking or enquiry please call 9249 4116 or email

    Jobs Victoria Advocates - helping you find work

    Brimbank's Jobs Victoria Advocates can help you find work by connecting you to local support and training services.

    Our advocates can:

    • Connect you with skills and training through work and learning centres, TAFE Skills and Jobs Centres, and apprenticeships
    • Help you apply for jobs through the Jobs Victoria Hub
    • Provide you with support - for example, link you to a Jobs Victoria Partner who can provide hands-on support such as CV and interview skills, and then help you find a job.

    Our advocates around Brimbank in our libraries, neighbourhood houses, local shopping centres and other public spaces.

    Get in touch with your local Jobs Victoria Advocate to talk about your needs by calling Brimbank Learning Futures on 9249 4116.

    There is no charge to access this program.

    Studiosity - Online tutoring program

    Studiosity is a free online tutoring program which provides study help to all community members anywhere, anytime 24/7.

    Subject matter experts are available to provide quick one on one tutoring support to students of all ages from grade 3 to postgraduate level.

    Students can also upload their essay/written work and receive feedback within 24hours.

    If you are a job seeker and need help with your resume, cover letter and job search, Studiosity is there for you.

    It can be accessed on a PC or a mobile phone using the app. These services are available to all Brimbank Library members anytime, anywhere, at NO COST.

    Visit Brimbank Libraries website to find out more.

    Upcoming workshops and events

    Careers pathways

    The sessions will run fortnightly until next year. The program is targeted at job seekers and young people who are unemployed and looking for work or would like to further their studies by doing a free ‘TAFE’ course.

    Some of the topics covered in this programs are:

    • Jobs search
    • How to market yourself
    • Resume writing, cover letters and KSC
    • Resilience and consistency when searing for a job or studying….etc.
    • Future of jobs post-COVID
    • Where are the jobs now and changes coming in post-COVID19

    LevelUP Program

    An interactive and immersive online five week training and mentoring program to enhance individuals careers, businesses and leadership skills.

    5 weeks via Zoom.

    The Mentor Club

    The Mentor Club is a six month online interactive and immersive mentoring and leadership program to create, build and grow a career once love. Learn skills and mindsets for impact and influence. Learn skills and mindsets for impact and influence. Learn how to become a visible and inspiring mentor, leader and member of your community. Build new networks and relationships with other People of Colour in a culturally safe and supportive environment.

    For 6 months via Zoom.

    Study Space

    We'll provide a safe and comfortable study space for all students in the community.

    Skills and Job Centre

    A representative from the Skills and Jobs Centre at Victoria University will occupy a space at Brimbank Learning Futures to answer specialised enquiries relating to VET training and employment. 

    In collaboration with BLF Beyond Your Resume sessions Skills and Jobs Centre will provide one-on-one support to community members creating individualised career pathway plans.

    Beyond Your Resume sessions

    Need help applying for jobs online? Don’t understand how to respond to key selection criteria? Want to write a catchy cover letter?

    We can help! Beyond the Resume sessions will help you to take the next step towards your dream job.

    Scholarship Support      

    Need support to write your scholarship applications and keep to tight word limits while sharing your story? Don't miss out on the opportunity to get financial support through your studies!

    Learn about what you’re eligible for, when you should apply, and which ones you can keep applying for in the future.

    VU Skills Now for the Future     

      About 80% of all learning happens outside of formal education institutes. We learn through working, participating in our community, helping family and pursuing our interests.

      The Skills Now for the Future course helps you highlight the skills and strengths you have gained through everyday learning and link it to sustainable employment opportunities. The course teaches you the words to use that describe the skills and knowledge you have.

      This course will give you the tools and knowledge to navigate the world of work, enter the workforce with a role that suits you or progress in your career.


      Past Events

        YLab Workshops

        These workshops promote creative thinking and independent problem-solving skills, perfect for all ages at any life stage. Workshop topics include:

        • Control your learning: 
          Learning can be hard, make it easy with a few simple hacks. Take learning into your own hands and develop the skills to achieve your goals.
        • Get stuff done!:
          Learn how to reach your goals, set yourself goals change your habits and continue to work on your goals so you can reach them. Learn skills to help you plan your goals and put in steps to help you reach them faster.
        • The art of storytelling:
          We all have stories to tell, we do it all the time! Learn the skills to express your ideas and thoughts in a way that will captivate your audience. We can all do it better!
        • Make change happen: 
          We live in a society that operates within many systems. Learn how to make change happen by understanding the problems and issues behind these systems.
        • Finding your purpose: 
          Feeling lost? Want to find your direction? Understand where you want to go and create your own map to get there. 
        • Build and broaden your network: 
          Want to gain skills to build and grow your network?  Meeting people can be intimidating and scary. Learn the tools needed to make an interaction feel comfortable and meaningful.

        Parent and Child English sessions      

        These English language sessions will improve your confidence in speaking and understanding English. Designed for parents with pre-school age children, it is a fun way to practice your English in a supportive environment. Sessions are delivered by CommUnity+ and Brimbank Learning Futures.

        Australian Education System information sessions

        Do you struggle to understand the Australian education system? If yes, come to our session at Brimbank Learning Future in Sunshine.

        • The session will cover the following topics:
        • What does the Australian education system look like?
        • What’s the difference between kindergarten, primary, high school, and tertiary education?
        • What’s the difference between private school and public school?
        • What’s the difference between VCE and VCAL?
        • How to build better relationships with teachers

        Do you know your rights as a parent of a student?

        Topics for this session include:

        • What does the Australian education system look like?
        • How to navigate the education system?
        • What are your rights as a parent and/or student?
        • How to raise your child’s learning concerns to teachers and principals
        • Your rights in deciding your child’s pathways for further study
        • How schools can provide support for specific learning needs
        • What to do if there’s a disagreement between parents and teachers

        Apprenticeships Matter

        Are you tossing up between TAFE or uni? Not sure whether you’re better off with a trade or an Arts degree? Brimbank Learning Futures is hosting information sessions with Apprenticeships Matter to clarify the value and importance of vocational trades training.

        Skills and Job Centre

        A representative from the Skills and Jobs Centre at Victoria University will occupy a space at Brimbank Learning Futures (BLF) to answer specialised enquiries relating to VET training and employment. 

        In collaboration with BLF Beyond Your Resume sessions Skills and Jobs Centre will provide one-on-one support to community members creating individualised career pathway plans.

        • No booking necessary, just drop in
        • Session dates: Wednesdays 2-4pm in Term 4