Community Leadership Program

We realise that practical and focused activities are needed to support development in our area. We offer a number of training and capacity-building sessions and programs to our community groups, small organisations and you – if you’re interested.

Brimbank Community Leadership Program - Applications Closed

The Brimbank Communuitly Leadership Program will be held

The Brimbank Community Leadership Program is delivered in partnership with Salt Studio Consultancy.

The Program is delivered within “8 Ways of Knowing” framework. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ‘8 ways of knowing’ is a relational learning system that is based on the traditional knowledge passing through generations. It allows the knowledge keepers to build and pass on knowledge at stages of maturity and wisdom.

How this training will improves knowledge and practice

  • Provides an opportunity to reflect on your cultural knowledge, cultural values and protocols
  • Build understanding of Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander communities; current issues and strategies of improvement
  • Actively contribute to the knowledge wheel
  • Build Community leadership
  • Address stereotyping, racism, cultural prejudices and wellbeing
  • ‘Being’ understanding acceptance, healing and viewing self as valuable and knowledgeable – being a knowledge keeper
  • Connecting to our journeys with renewed openness from a cultural perspective
  • Strengthen community protocols and improve connectedness
  • Develop and understand leadership from a cultural perspective inclusive of governance and decision making / policy advocacy
  • Improving outcomes in health, education, training, employment and wellness
  • Creative learning environment / understanding the value of creative language

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