Community Leadership Program

The Brimbank Community Leadership Program aims to provide opportunities for eligible community members in Brimbank to build and strengthen their capacity in community leadership and participation.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increased need to support and strengthen communities’ resilience. 

Council is planning to deliver a Community Leadership Program that will prepare community leaders to effectively lead their communities during a crisis and work with them during the recovery phase. “People need to understand what to do during this time” Brimbank senior group community member.

To participate you must be

  • 18 years or older; and
  • live, work, study or volunteer in Brimbank.

The program will be delivered by Track C Consulting between February and April 2021 via zoom, the link will be emailed to registered participants 1 day before the session. Topics covered during the session will include:

  • What is leadership and different styles of leadership
  • Maintaining perspective and relationships during a crisis
  • Project planning and working with other groups
  • Understanding Council and the Community
  • Communicating during crisis with various audiences
  • Identify a community project, design and deliver

Registrations have now closed. For more information contact Council on 9249 4000 or