Family Violence and Gender Equity

Our Commitment

We're committed to ensuring every community member has the right to live a safe and meaningful life free from all forms of violence.

We work with

  • the family violence sector;
  • key experts;
  • State Government departments;
  • women's health and community organisations; and
  • other advocacy and advisory bodies

to build a community based on equality and respect.

Read Council’s Position Statement for the Prevention of all forms of Violence 2018.

Our Plan

The Brimbank City Council’s Plan to Prevent Men's Violence Against Women, Toward Gender Equity (2015-2019) sets out an approach for the delivery of Council’s actions to enhance gender equity and prevent violence against women. 

The Plan is being reviewed to align with State Government policy directions and meet legislative requirements based on recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

See how we're doing. Read our Community Report Card.

Helpful Resources

The Health Translations Directory

The Health Translations Directory (a Victoria State Government initiative) has a range of multilingual family violence resources available in 46 languages.

Family Safety Packs

The Australian Government has developed a Family Safety Pack for men and women coming to Australia. It has information on Australian laws about

  • domestic and family violence,
  • sexual assault,
  • forced marriage and
  • a woman’s right to be safe.

The Safety Packs are available in English and 46 other languages.

Violence Against Women Doesn’t Just Start... It Grows

The cycle of violence against women starts with disrespectful behaviour.  When we excuse these behaviours in our kids, we let it grow.  The Violence Against Women Doesn’t Just Start... It Grows guide to having conversations with young people is available in English and 13 other languages. 

How Men Can Prevent Sexual Violence

White Ribbon Australia's How Men Can Prevent Sexual Violence explains how to ensure respectful sexual relationships. Information is available in English and translated into six other languages.

Act To Prevent Men’s Violence Against Women

Act To Prevent Men's Violence Against Women: A Guide for Community Action has practical things you can do every day to help prevent men’s violence against women. It has important information to think about before you take action, and links to further resources.

Help and support

Preventing violence, promoting respect - the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria can help if you, or someone you know, is experiencing family violence. Help is available. 

Reporting Sexual Assault and Violence

Reporting sexual assault to police is a big step. The Reporting Sexual Assault to Police document explains the investigation process and the options available to help you consider your decision. It's available in English and 19 other languages.

Family Violence: What Police Do

The ‘Family Violence: What Police Do’ Information Sheet has been designed to explain Victoria Police's response to family violence. It's written for people

  • who've been affected by family violence;
  • who have committed family violence; and
  • services supporting them.

The information sheet is available in English and 13 other languages.