Impact Brimbank

COVID-19 is changing the way we do things.
What will this mean for your community in Brimbank?

Impact Brimbank is a group of community members working with Council and the community to improve health and wellbeing so everyone has an opportunity to thrive.

Impact Brimbank is starting a conversation. We want to find out what is needed to improve health and social outcomes.  

What will Impact Brimbank do?

  • Connect organisations, community leaders and residents to develop a common agenda
  • Consult with local communities, businesses, community leaders and governments to develop a strategy and action plan
  • Collaborate with relevant organisations and work with our community to deliver better outcomes
  • Communicate recommendations, measurements and outcomes to drive improvements for our community

Stay involved in the Impact Brimbank conversation.

Your ideas are helping to shape our conversation. Many hundreds of you have told us what you think will make an impact as we respond to health and social issues and recover from COVID-19.

We are now looking at your ideas and experiences to inform our work so we can all shape solutions for Brimbank’s future.

Most importantly, keep talking to others about your ideas for change and tell them about Impact Brimbank.

Who's working on Impact Brimbank?

The Brimbank Collective Action Committee (BCAC) is an Advisory Committee of Council. Community Members were selected in early 2019 to begin work with Councillors to lead, initiate and establish a collective impact project, Impact Brimbank.

Committee Members

Community Members and Councillors meet monthly, supported by Council staff. Community members bring a wealth of personal experience and insight, as local residents or people who work or run businesses in Brimbank. 

  • Angelique is the grandchild of immigrants who settled in Brimbank and worked at Massey Ferguson. The next generation of the family ran milk bars. Angelique is a newly graduated social worker, raising a child who attends the same primary school as her grandfather.  Angelique wants to see all members of our diverse community able to get support when they need it.
  • Mike came to Australia as a refugee and has been a Brimbank resident for 10 years. Mike believes in giving back to the community and his creative, entrepreneurial efforts tackle social and health challenges. Founder of VoiceSearch, Mike uses technology to re-create community connections.
  • Joan is a keen golfer who has worked, played competitive sport, and lived in Keilor for 45 years. Joan is an active member of many clubs and committees, giving her hands on experience in understanding the needs of our very diverse community.
  • Michael came to Australia as a small child and has been a proud Brimbank resident ever since. Michael has a background in education policy and is passionate about providing meaningful employment opportunities for all young people. Michael works for a social enterprise called YLab, which puts young people at the centre of designing and developing solutions to social issues. 
  • Jane lives in Brimbank, and brings experience working to deliver better healthcare through a local mental health service. Jane wants to see Brimbank grow, with people working together to achieve better outcomes for the community.
  • Elissa grew up in the western suburbs and has been a Brimbank resident for 10 years. She's active in her local school Council and community and has a background in healthcare and the arts. Elissa is committed to equitable access to quality education and healthcare for all Brimbank residents.
  • Chris came to Australia as a youngster in 1963 and lived in West Sunshine. He moved from Sunshine while his parents stayed in the family home till the last few years. Following a career in telecommunications, Chris volunteers with West Welcome Wagon where he is currently Chairman. Chris is passionate about giving newcomers to our country the same opportunity and hope that he enjoyed.

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