Hampshire Road Upgrade

We’re transforming the ‘heart’ of Sunshine into an attractive, well-planned space that is easy to negotiate, through the Hampshire Road Master Plan.

Hampshire Road Stage 3 Works

Work has started on a new civic green space in the heart of Sunshine’s Hampshire Road between Bennett Place and Devonshire Road − with trees, lawns, and more space for community events and footpath trading.

Works include:

  • Enlarged footpaths
  • New garden beds with trees
  • New water feature and raised grassed area
  • New street furniture
  • Upgrade to traffic signals at Devonshire Road intersection
  • Improved bike connections
  • Two raised pedestrian crossings across Hampshire Road
  • New street lighting

Works are expected to finish in the last quarter of 2020.

  • Hampshire Road between Bennett Place and Devonshire Road will be temporarily closed to vehicles while works are completed.
  • Drivers and pedestrians are asked to look out for and follow detour signs.
  • Access to shops, businesses and residences will be maintained throughout construction.

Further details about road closures and parking arrangements will be made available.

Update June 2020

Utilities and services

The existing pedestrian footpath is being maintained to provide pedestrian access to the shops and businesses until demolition works can progress. New infrastructure for utilities has been completed including relocation of water mains and reconnection of new lines to businesses. Replacement of existing Telstra pits along the shop fronts are underway and are being carried out as part of night works. Works for installation of conduits for new services, such as irrigation, electrical and public lighting are ongoing.

Road surface and kerbs

Services along the new road alignment are already in place and sub-surface works for new footpaths are being constructed. A portion of new kerbs has been laid for the redesigned section of Hampshire Road from Bennett Place intersection.


Approximately 2.5m wide footpath is currently maintained on both sides of the construction fence to provide pedestrian access to shops and businesses along Hampshire Road. Construction fences will be moved in some locations periodically to enable works, but dedicated pedestrian access will be maintained throughout. Structural soil components such as Stratavaults with soil are being installed underground along the new road alignment on the east side of Hampshire Road. Similarly, non-destructive digging or Hydrovac technology is being employed to remove soil around existing trees on the west side. This will be backfilled with structural soil using ballast and soil to provide less compacted areas for
tree roots to grow. Sub surface works for new footpath along with kerbs for the new road will be taken up after the structural soil components are installed.


The new road design for the intersection of Bennett Place and Hampshire Road is completed. Temporary vehicle entry to Bennett Place from Hampshire Road is being maintained to provide easier traffic flow in the area. Subsequent works would be undertaken to pedestrian crossing and road surfaces at this intersection later in the construction program. Relocated water mains from north edge of Devonshire Road have been connected to the City West Water network. Telstra pit works are ongoing on the footpaths at Hampshire Road and Devonshire Road intersection. Safe pedestrian crossings and accessibility have been maintained with safety barriers and signage.

Upcoming works

Night works along Hampshire Road for the installation of new Telstra pits are progressing and it is anticipated that these works will be completed shortly. Structural soil installation will continue along both sides of the road to be followed by sub-base preparation for footpaths and new kerbs. Dust mitigation on site is being carried out by the contractor and additional footpath sweeping and rubbish collection is being undertaken by Council’s cleansing team. Council continues to arrange window cleaning of business premises located near the worksite.

MB Lynch Memorial Gardens upgrade

MB Lynch Memorial Gardens on Hampshire Road in the heart of Sunshine are being upgraded.

The reinvigorated design acknowledges and retains key historical features while taking into account the needs of current users.

New works include:

  • Pathways
  • Two new shelters
  • Seating 
  • Feature lighting
  • Shade trees 
  • Lawn areas 
  • Irrigation system
  • Interpretive signage
  • New garden beds with many flowering plants including the existing roses
  • Download our MB Lynch Gardens Upgrade schematic

Works begin shortly and are expected to finish by mid-2020. No road detours or closures are planned. Pedestrians are asked to follow detour signs. 

The works form part of Council’s Hampshire Road Master Plan.  For more information contact Council’s Urban Design team on 9249 4000.

Completed works

Footpath works for Hampshire Road between the Man lifting cow statue and Service Street, and along the south side of Service Street to Dawson Street  are complete.

These works build on the improvements completed along Hampshire Road, between Devonshire Road and the Sunshine train station, in 2015; and in front of the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre in 2016.

The Hampshire Road works between Hertford Road and Ballarat Road are complete. These works include Brimbank City Council’s first on road separated bike lanes improving the safety of cyclists travelling into the Sunshine Town Centre. The works also include new traffic lights on the corner of Foundry Road and Hampshire Road improving safety at this intersection for all road users.