Solomon Heights Estate

Planning for the Solomon Heights Estate

We're starting a project to unlock the development potential of the Solomon Heights Estate, in Sunshine North. This will lead to preparation of a Precinct Plan that will address and protect the Estate’s environmental significance, and enable appropriate future development.

Latest Update  - June 2017

At the Community Information Session held at Brimbank City Council on 14 June 2017, Insight Planning Consultants presented a Draft Precinct Structure Plan (Concept Plan) for the future land use and development of Solomon Heights.

The Draft Plan proposes the establishment of

  • a conservation area in the north of Solomon Heights (generally north of Whitehill Avenue); and
  • the development of a mixed used precinct in the southern area.

The draft Plan involves all owners agreeing to all the land being put to market (future/potential purchasers) as an Expression of Interest. The market would determine the whole area's value - both conservation and mixed use areas. 

The intent is for the Estate to be sold in one transaction. The proceeds would be distributed to landowners on a $ per square metre basis, according to the size of the land owned.

This Plan is a draft only. A Constraints Plan shows the location and extent of protected vegetation, location of the Melbourne Airport Noise contours, and industrial land use thresholds.

Have Your Say

Insight Planning is seeking your feedback on the proposal to inform the final Precinct Structure Plan. Forward comments to Council by 30 June 2017 via: 

More About Solomon Heights

The Estate includes 32.8 hectares of industrially zoned land (Industrial 3 Zone) in North Sunshine and lies on the east side of the Melbourne to Sydney freight line, close to the North Sunshine Industrial Precinct and River Valley Estate.

Created in the 1920s the land was subdivided and sold to owners without roads and services. Today it comprises 465 lots with approximately 120 owners, and remains undeveloped.

Environmental Values

The key barrier to development of the Solomon Heights Estate is the presence of significant flora and fauna protected under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC), and state significant vegetation.

Under the Brimbank Planning Scheme, an interim Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO) applies to parts of the Estate to protect this vegetation. 

To remove protected vegetation you would need to apply to the Commonwealth Department of Environment and Energy for permission.

Biodiversity Study

Council commissioned a biodiversity study to identify the location and quality of vegetation within the Estate, and inform further strategic work about options for future use and development including conservation and protection.

Contact Council’s Strategic Planning Unit 9249 4000 for more information about the biodiversity study.

Planning for the Future of Solomon Heights

More strategic work is planned to look into options for the site's future use and development. This will include workable solutions to address and protect the Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES).  A grant from the Victorian Planning Authority’s Streamlining for Growth program will support this work.

Insight Planning has been engaged to lead this work, which will result in a draft Precinct Plan for the site. 

The process to prepare the Solomon Heights Precinct Plan will:

  • Investigate options for the protection and conservation of the area of environmental significance, including guidance for the location and provision of native vegetation off-sets;
  • Satisfy relevant Federal and State environmental legislation including liaison with the Department of Environment and Energy (Federal Government) and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (State Government);
  • Include engagement with landowners and community consultation;
  • Identify and review future development plans; and
  • Deliver an Implementation Plan and including the identification of the preferred land use option.

Insight Consultants have prepared the Solomon Heights Framework Plan: Summary of Community Consultation Report following the community information session on 19 April 2017.


Council have appointed Insight Planning through a grant from the Victorian Planning Authority

All landowners are encouraged to attend to better understand and discuss potential options for Solomon Heights to inform further strategic work.

For further information please contact the Strategic Planning Unit on 9249 4000.

Solomon Heights Precinct Plan Questionnaire

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