Solomon Heights Estate

About the Solomon Heights Precinct

The Solomon Heights Precinct is a subdivision located in Sunshine North, bounded by the Melbourne to Sydney freight line to the west, Baldwin Avenue to the north, Munro Avenue to the south, and Vermont Avenue to the east.

The Precinct was originally created as a residential subdivision in the 1920s and rezoned to industrial in the 1940s.

It currently consists of 465 lots with approximately 120 landowners.

Council received funding under the Victorian Planning Authority’s (VPA) Streamlining for Growth Program to undertake strategic work to unlock its development potential.

Current Update

Supreme Court proceedings concerning road ownership within the Solomon Heights Precinct are currently underway.

Based on advice from its legal representatives, Council decided to defer consideration of the strategic work within the Precinct in relation to the VPA Streamlining for Growth Program until the proceedings are finalised.

The applicant to the proceedings, Glen Ora Pty Ltd, has made a claim to road ownership in the southern part of the Precinct.

Brimbank Council was granted leave to withdraw from the Solomon Heights Supreme Court proceedings on 14 August 2018. The legal matter is continuing and has been listed for trial on 19 November 2018.

Once the legal determination has been made, Council will consider options in relation to land use planning.