Solomon Heights Estate

About the Solomon Heights Precinct

The Solomon Heights Precinct is a subdivision located in Sunshine North, bounded by the Melbourne to Sydney freight line to the west, Baldwin Avenue to the north, Munro Avenue to the south, and Vermont Avenue to the east.

The Precinct was originally created as a residential subdivision in the 1920s and rezoned to industrial in the 1940s.

It currently consists of 465 lots with approximately 120 landowners.

Council received funding under the Victorian Planning Authority’s (VPA) Streamlining for Growth Program to undertake strategic work to unlock its development potential.

Current Update

On 19 November a judgement was made on the Supreme Court case known as Glen Ora Estate Pty Ltd v Brimbank CC.

This case relates to a number of disputed roads in the Solomon Heights Estate. The judgement confirmed that disputed roads are not ‘public’, confirming Glen Ora Estate Pty Ltd as the owners of these road reserves.

With the above known, Council officers have commissioned further strategic work to look at land use options for the precinct. This report will be presented to Council in early 2019.