2020 Council Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Ordinary Council Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7pm. The Agenda for each meeting is published on this page on the Friday afternoon before the Council Meeting.

In order to protect the health of our Councillors, staff and members of the public and in keeping with State government direction due to COVID-19, to restrict mass gatherings, meetings will be held virtually.

Public questions will continue. Your question(s) will be read out and answered at the Ordinary Council meeting, and we'll also make sure you get your answer in writing as well!

Next Council Meeting

Virtually join our next Council meeting, being held on Tuesday 23 June from 7pm. A link will be provided closer to the meeting date.

This meeting is being publicly broadcast via live stream and the recording will be published on Council’s website www.brimbank.vic.gov after the meeting.
Details about the broadcasting and recording of Council meetings is available in the Streaming Council Meetings Policy 2020 which is available in electronically on the Council’s website.
If you have any questions about the Council’s policy, please contact with Council during business hours. 
The opinions or statements made during the course of a Council meeting are those of the particular individuals, and not necessarily the opinions or statements of Council. The Council does not necessarily endorse or support the views, opinions, standards or information contained in the live streaming or recording of the Council meetings.
The Council does not accept any responsibility for the comments made or information provided during Council Meetings and does not warrant nor represent that the material or statements made during Council meetings are complete, reliable or accurate. The Council does not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, cost or expense that might be incurred howsoever arising as a result of or in connection with the use or reliance on information or statements made in the live streaming or published recordings of Council meetings.
Whilst Council will use its best endeavours to ensure the live streaming and Council’s website are functioning, technical issues may arise which can result in Council temporarily adjourning or; if rectification of issue cannot be resolved adjourning meeting to another date and time to be determined.  The live stream will always be available and recordings of all public section will be complete.

2020 Council Meeting Schedule

  • Tuesday 18 February 
  • Monday 2 March, 6pm - Special Meeting
  • Tuesday 17 March 
  • Wednesday 1 April 10am- Special Meeting
  • Monday 6 April, 5pm - Special Meeting
  • Tuesday 21 April 
  • Tuesday 19 May 
  • Tuesday 23 June
  • Tuesday 21 July 
  • Tuesday 18 August 
  • Tuesday 15 September 
  • Tuesday 20 October 
  • Friday 6 November, 6.30pm - Special Meeting (Mayoral Election)
  • Tuesday 24 November 
  • Tuesday 15 December 

Download the 2020 Council Meeting Schedule

Council meeting recordings

Council Meetings are recorded so if you can't get to a meeting you can watch Council debate and make decision in your own time. You can view the latest meeting on this page or via our YouTube channel.

Council Meeting Minutes

The draft (unconfirmed) Minutes from each Council Meeting are made available on this page by the Friday following the meeting. The Minutes are confirmed at the next Ordinary Council Meeting and the page updated.

18 February 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting

Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes 18 February 2020

Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda 18 February 2020


16.1     Planning Scheme Amendment C212 - Sunshine Landfills
This report was previously designated as confidential as it relates to legal advice and matters which the Council considers would prejudice the Council or any person. The report, and its attachments, have been released to the public on this day, Thursday 20 February 2020, as directed by Council resolution.

12.1      Planning Activity Update And Delegate Decisions - December 2019 And January 2020

Watch 12.1

12.2      Planning Compliance Activity Update - 1 October To 31 December 2019

Watch 12.2

12.3      Planning Application P879/2016 For 15-19 Service Street, Sunshine

Watch 12.3

12.4      Planning Application P240/2019 For 34 Hall Street Sunshine West

Watch 12.4

12.5      Planning Application P843/2018 For 119-121 Cornwall Road, Sunshine

Watch 12.5

12.6      Planning Application P576/2019 For 63 Derrimut Street, Albion

Watch 12.6

12.7      Planning Scheme Amendment C200 Part 2 - Panel Report And Consideration Of Approval Of Amendment

Watch 12.7

12.8      Governance Report February 2020

Watch 12.8

12.9      Streaming Council Meetings February 2020

Watch 12.9

12.10    Draft Councillor Code Of Conduct 2020

Watch 12.10

12.11    Quarterly Financial Report For The Period Ending 31 December 2019

Watch 12.11

12.12    Report On Open Space Deficit In Sunshine North

Watch 12.12

12.13    Final Draft Albion Station Precinct Urban Design Principles

Watch 12.13

12.14    Final Draft Sunshine To Melbourne Airport Rail Corridor Urban Design Principles

Watch 12.14

12.15    Review Of Municipal Emergency Management Plan 2020

Watch 12.15

12.16    St Albans Leisure Centre Replacement (Health And Wellbeing Hub) Project February 2020 Update

Watch 12.16

12.17    Draft Women's Participation In Sport And Active Recreation In Melbourne's West: Action Plan For Change 2020-2025

Watch 12.17

12.18    Children's Plan 2015-2019 Community Report Card

Watch 12.18

12.19    Draft Children's Strategy 2020-2024

Watch 12.19

12.20    Draft Youth Strategy 2020-2024

Watch 12.20

12.21    Youth Strategy 2015-2019 Report Card

Watch 12.21    

12.22    Building Brimbank Community Engagement Evaluation Report

Watch 12.22

12.23    Submission To Draft Flight Path Design Principles 

Watch 12.23

12.24    Contract No.18/2512PA - Supply And Delivery Of Bulk Fuel - Extension Of Contract

Watch 12.24

19 May 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting

Ordinary Council Meeting No. 573 - 19 May 2020 - Agenda

Ordinary Council Meeting No. 573 - 19 May 2020 - Minutes


12.1 - Brimbank Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response And Recovery Strategy

12.2 - Planning Activity Update And Delegate Decisions - April 2020

12.3 - Governance Report May 2020

12.4 - Quarterly Financial Report For The Period Ending 31 March 2020

12.5 - Brooklyn Industrial Precinct Committee - Terms Of Reference Review 2020

12.6 - Final Draft Building Brimbank Community Engagement Evaluation Report

12.7 - Submissions To Consultations On Permanent Planning Provisions For Non-Government Schools

12.8 - Draft Car Parking Management Plan For Sunshine And St Albans And Draft Parking Permit Policy

12.9 - Proposed Sale Of Land At 130 McIntyre Road, Sunshine North

12.10 - Contract No.18/2407 Library Collections, Furniture, Equipment and Associated Requirements Contract Renewal

12.11 - Contract No. 20/2869MAV - Major Street Lighting Upgrade - Purchase of Stage 1 Lights

12.12 - Contact No. 20/2824 Pressure Washing and Cleaning Services to Public Toilets, Barbeques and Facilities

12.13 - Contract No. 20/2845 Supply of Tyres and Related Services

12.14 - Contract No. 20/2827 – Provision of Security Services

12.15 - Contract No. 18/2393 Conservation Land Management Services – Extension of contract

12.16 - Contract No. 17/2340 – Provision of Mechanical Services – Extension Of Contract

12.17 - Contract No. 17/2154-Cleaning of the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre-Extension of Contract